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Jaguar Xf Portfolio. 2yr Lease deal. £199/month for 24 months - £6,747.75 total @ 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Saw this deal for Jaguar XF Portfolio. Good price. £199/month for 2ys. 5k miles. Admin fee 350. Total over 2 yrs is £6750. 8k and 10k miles options available. Similar leasing deal … Read more

Exactly. Even if they need more miles they can always take out more with bit more money. Or look elsewhere if they can find it anything cheaper.


Different people have different requirements. I've got one and only do about 3k a year (work from home most of the time). Looks a decent lease deal to be fair.


Still available (although only 3 build slots left)


Roasting hot deal!


yes and all the payments :|

Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology 5Dr DSG [Start Stop] 36 months / 10,000 miles - £7338,34 total @ 1st choice vehicle leasing
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Similar to earlier deals posted, I came across this for an automatic at £170.45 per month and with 1022.70 for 36 months. They also have 24mths at 971 deposit and 162.00 per month… Read more
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Oh no we have the usual rubbish comments about not owning the car. Leasing makes sense Vs buying new if the car depreciates more than the lease cost over the term of the lease. If you had the same car on pcp and after 3 years it had lost 8k in value whilst you had been paying it off then you would have been better off leasing. There's loads of articles about this. If you're the kind of person who buys older cars then this point is moot as both a new car on pcp or a lease (or even a new car paid in full) would be worse value than buying an older car that's gone through the worst of its depreciation.


7339..FOR car and you dont own it...hmmm not sure but i better travel with taxi


There's been a couple of deals on here recently for these over 24 months coming in at @£160-170 per month (including the upfront payment and admin fee). This looks to be over £200 a month over 36 months which seems comparatively expensive?


Have to RAG the thing? LOL, look, Airwaves, you're not fooling anyone. Also it's an economical car. Better than a Yaris(!).


The deposit is not a deposit; it's a non-refundable upfront payment.

Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] - Lease term - £4189.67 @ 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
13/12/2018Expires on 13/12/2018Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Ok, I know I'm starting to sound like a bit of a fan boy for these guys, I might have to ask for some commission (lol) (lol) But this seems like an awful lot of car for a very s… Read more

Thanks for that. Hmm, I've not been given an SLI order number yet by yeslease. Not sure whether or not to call 1st choice as I've already placed my order. What would 1st choice do? Thanks


I have been given an SLI order number and you wont get the finance documents until the car is built with a chassis number , this is my 2nd Skoda and had a VW also which was same finance house and system , with VW you can follow the order online but Skoda dont allow this sadly . Each dealer has its own allocation of cars which they can order from the factory and the bigger the dealer group the more build slots they get , sounds like yeslease are just taking orders and hopeing for the best (lol) the people i went to for my order were very honest from the start and gave made me feel very comfortbale with all conversations which is why i chose them , they also price matched a deal i had seen so very happy The Skoda main dealer works on retail allocation and these lease deals are for fleet sales so thats probably why the dealer said a longer time , give 1st choice a call and see how you get on


Can anyone confirm on the delivery timelines from yes lease or a dealer or anyone else ? I went to a local dealer today and they said the delivery for 1.0 DSG hatch is about 24-28 weeks. That is too long a wait. I've ordered from yeslease. given a lead time of December but not confirmed until I receive the finance docs from the supplier. I've paid the documentation fee to yeslease already. first time ordering a lease car so not sure how long this usually takes. Can they push back the delivery date as the main dealer I also went to (rrg Skoda) said their lead time is approx 20 weeks so Jan delivery and that they supply yeslease so not entirely sure how yeslease have come up with their lead time and if they're in fact misleading customers


I understand yes lease use the same supplier as 1st choice so would go with their delivery over Yes Lease unless they are building the cars themselves haha


I went to a local SKODA dealer and they told me it would take 24-28 weeks for the car to delivered from the order date. Can anyone got confirmed from yes lease or any other broker that it would be delivered in 14-16 weeks ?

*OUTRIGHT PURCHASE* BMW 1 Series M140 Hatch 3.0 i 340 Shadow Edition 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] [Professional Media] @ !st Choice Vehicle Leasing
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
**Edit** I've just been informed that whilst the manual cars are technically no longer available to order from BMW, there are still a number in stock with manual gearboxes so the l… Read more

So they took a fee to introduce you to a deal that effectively didn’t exist? “Hey guys, if you all PayPal me £500 I’ll introduce you all to a deal where you can buy a McLaren P1 for £10000.” I’m sure there must be either something illegal or contractual that means they are obliged to refund you the full amount.


It transpires that the £500 I sent them wasn't actually a deposit after all, it was a non refundable introduction fee to the deal. The deal fell through, due to Audi UK I think, but seems a bit harsh that I should be £500 down. They have agreed to refund £100 and said they will speak to Audi UK with a view to them refunding the rest.


It transpires that the £500 I sent them wasn't actually a deposit after all, it was a non refundable introduction fee to the deal. The deal fell through, due to Audi UK I think, but seems a bit harsh that I should be £500 down. They have agreed to refund £100 and said they will speak to Audi UK with a view to them refunding the rest.


Have you formally complained etc? This company will be moving millions, it's not in their interest to scam people for 500 quid. It'll be a unique situation that has fallen through the cracks of common sense - you need to find someone who isn't an idiot. Hopefully they employ one. If not, small claims it


Yes and placed an order :-) Happy as a pig in .... my local dealer couldnt touch this deal I know they have been very busy as i had to chase a couple of time for a quote but then i did change my spec a few times so poor guy must have been going mad haha

Jaguar I-PACE SUV 0.0 Electric 90kWh 400 S 5Dr Auto 18 month contract Deposit - £2699.91 17 monthly payments of - £299.99 Processing fee - £349.99 - £8149.73 @ 1st choice vehicle leasing
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Ok, before the abuse starts.. I know leasing isn't for everyone. This debate has been raging for ages on HUKD, each to their own I guess. Me personally, I prefer to lease, you don'… Read more

Actually, I just picked a random date when posting the deal as I didn't know if there was an expiry. I spoke to them only today to see how my order was progressing and they informed me the deal is still available whilst other (less reputable) leasing companies are turning away orders that they're unable to fulfil (y)


Well it's the end of the finance quarter. What do you expect?


Just noticed the deal for this expires in a day incase anyone is still looking for one ? all lease company deals seem to end the same date ??


thanks jay


There is if the RRP is over a certain price which the premium model is. "An extra charge of £310 a year applies to cars with a list price over £40,000 in the first 5 ‘standard rate years’."

Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.0 Auto Lease - £233.54 per month (24m, 8k/pa, 9+23) 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Good deal available on a Jagular XF Sportbrake Automatic. 2 year lease with 8k miles per year. 9+23 payment plan. Other contract lengths, plans and mileages are listed too. £233.… Read more
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Have You found something similar?


Good deal, heat added. Could try Mad Sheep who have something similar, and even the Jaguar network, to see if they'll match.


Mines arriving today :)


There will be fewer diesel deals in the future given the current political environment surrounding them.


when are the diesel deals coming?

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Audi A5 sportback £220 / month at 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Audi A5 sportback £220 / month at 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
Seems like a good deal for an s line auto Contract term 24 months Rental profile : 9 + 23 Annual mileage : 8000 23 monthly rentals of: £220.00 Initial rental: £1980.00 Process… Read more

Thats an SE model , nothing like an Sline !!!! (annoyed)


It does not quite work like that - if you had 5,000 miles per year on your contract, you could do 9000 miles in the first year and 1000 in the second year - In my example I meant 10,000 miles total, but have edited it to make it more clear - i.e. 5000 miles per year. I did 8000 miles in my first year, but I have done only 2500 miles in my last year due to changing jobs and now getting the train. I will only have to pay the 500 miles extra - which is 500 extra over the total mileage.


Modern engines are crap these days, just remember that!!! I love my 4.3 lexus gs 2006 with pure v8 sound in there


Do they all talk like that 'round your way? (lol)


Why would you pay so much for a glorified Skoda?

Audi A5 Cabriolet S-Line 2.0T Lease - 24 Months - 8K miles £181 pm after £1641 deposit.
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Good price on an A5 Convertible lease. S-Line spec, 2.0 petrol with 190hp. It's the new shaped model too. 8k miles a year. £1641.42 initial payment £182.38 per month after that (f… Read more
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Ah, false alarm. Sorry.


No it’s not the same price, check the website.


Is it still the same price though? The link does not bring up the car and when I search for the car, the price is more. I will call them tomorrow still


Call the company in the OP. They said last week that all build slots were gone, but website now says 1 remaining.


Does anyone know of any leasing company that may still have this deal, only seen it now as I was searching for leasing deals. Amazing deal though! Wish I saw this sooner.

Audi A4 Saloon S-Line 1.4TFSI Lease - 24 Months - 8K miles £627 deposit then £209pm @ 1st Choice Vehicle Solutions
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Audi A4 Saloon S-Line 1.4TFSI Lease - 24 Months - 8K miles £627 deposit then £209pm @ 1st Choice Vehicle Solutions
Great price on a brand new Audi A4 S-Line Lease. Top spec model with a decent 150hp engine. 8k miles per year. Initial Rental: 626.82 23 Payments: 208.94 Admin Fee: 299.99 Total:… Read more
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They gave me some spiel a couple of weeks ago saying 'At present Audi are not supplying any online tracking numbers to us only giving manual updates as and when the factory confirm a car has been built and then on the boat.'


Definitely do this. 1st Choice should have the order number then you can track the build on the Audi website. It should be available for delivery within 3 weeks of leaving the factory.


If you have your Audi order number you can track your car being built on the Audi website. Register for an account with your email address. Then add an order to your account. You'll most likely need the leasing company postcode (not your own). In my case I used Audi Finance head office postcode along with the order number. (this was because I ordered from an Audi dealer - not 1st Choice. Audi Register


Still not heard anything either. I'm getting a little annoyed too, especially given the lack of communication.


Any late buyers heard back from 1st choice or Audi in regards to their order? Haven't heard anything in March and starting to get a little irritated as delivery was originally projected for late February. :(