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1TB Gen4 fanxiang S660 NVMe, Heatsink, 5000MB/s, PS5 compatible, TLC NAND, SLC Cache - £38.69 - Dispatched by Amazon/sold by LDCEMS

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Great price for a 1TB TLC NAND PS5 compatible drive.
Don't forget to click the 10% off voucher!

Are Fanxiang any good?

Plenty of people have been perfectly happy with drives made by this fairly new companty.
5yr Warranty (1st year with Amazon).

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

  • TOP-TIER PERFORMANCE】: The S660 M.2 SSD features PCIe 4.0 technology with up to 5000MB/s maximum read speeds and up to 4500MB/s maximum write speeds, ensuring lightning-fast file transfers and game load times
  • 【STABLE AND RELIABLE】: Our NVMe SSD adopts high-quality flash memory chips and cutting-edge controller technology, and has undergone 80 hours of rigorous testing and 5 times of strict inspection to ensure long-term stability and reliability. Our 5-year warranty and 700TBW give you peace of mind
  • 【PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE】: There is a heat sink (not installed) in the solid state drive box, which is perfectly compatible with PS5, effectively reducing the temperature of the hard drive, ensuring stable operation under high load, allowing you to play games more smoothly and enjoy a better gaming experience
  • 【Flexible Capacity Options】: Our hard drive provides a range of storage options from 500GB to 2TB, satisfying various user needs and providing ample storage space for work, study, or entertainment
  • 【Exceptional Customer Support】: With our own factory and packaging equipment, we can better control production costs and quality, while providing professional and efficient customer service to resolve any questions or concerns before and after purchase, ensuring complete customer satisfaction
How to install fanxiang S660 SSD? Firstly, please choose 1 thick and 1 thin from the 4 thermal pads that come with the product.

1. Tear off the plastic film on one of the thermal pads, and place it on the heat sink base;

2. Place the SSD on the thermal pad (note that the chip needs to be placed upwards);

3. Adjust the SSD to a proper position so that the screw holes and the M.2 interface leak out;

4. Tear off the plastic film of the other thermal pad, and stick it on the bottom of the heat sink;

5. Insert one side of the heat sink into the slot of the base. After adjusting the position, press the other side of the heat sink firmly, and when you hear a "click", it means that the heat sink is installed in place;

6. Fix the SSD with the heat sink installed with screws or the buckles that come with the motherboard.

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  1. bemaniac's avatar
    I've benched the slowest gen4 kingston nv2 against the fastest 530 and quite simply on ps5 there is not a millisecond of difference in game. The 530 seagate was 4 seconds faster at downloading an update for GT7 tho! Price difference = double.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The.Fat.Cat Author
    As a non-PS5 owner that frequently says that's the case, thanks for confirming.
  2. stec77's avatar
    If I put this into an NVMe external case connected via USB 3.1 ! What speed could I expect? Thanks in advance.
    Wilson_J's avatar
    I think 10gbps. Don’t expect to get anywhere close to the rated speeds if you go via an enclosure. Most enclosures are 10gbps or 20gbps
  3. mike279's avatar
    Anyone have a load time comparison between this and the ps5 internal drive? Is it worth going for a 7000MB/s
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The.Fat.Cat Author
    The 7000Mbit/s speeds are sequential (i.e. good for large file data transfers).
    Game load times/performance will be virtually the same as the internal drive, the only difference the above speeds may make is games installing a little quicker (likely seconds rather than minutes) and that's it.

    Games loading times would be the same on a 3000Mbit/s as they would on a 7000Mb/s (or higher) drive.
    The one thing that may make a difference is whether a drive has DRAM cache or not, even then it'll only save 1-2 seconds at most.
    This drive doesn't have DRAM cache, but it's not expected at this price. (edited)
  4. Azwipe's avatar
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    That's not a bad thing. Lots of good deals would be missed otherwise (and they still are)
    You can do you're own research and decide whether to buy or not. (edited)
  5. Road.Runner's avatar
    Holy moly that's cheap!
    Err, I mean that's 'Meep Meep'!
  6. suitsyou1's avatar
    Great and have to say @The.Fat.Cat gives great and valubale advice,
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The.Fat.Cat Author
  7. rofiquel's avatar
    Installed this yesterday into the PS5, works great!!
    W_H04's avatar
    Dead easy to install aswell aren't they just ordered one
  8. R2Dom2's avatar
    Popped one of these into my PS5 a couple of weeks ago and it’s been fine. 
  9. TwentyTwo's avatar
    Wonderful price, you don't need high spec for a PS5 as even the slowest drive runs games absolutely fine and everything stored is replaceable, 5 year warranty and heatsink to boot makes this a no brainer. (edited)
  10. Wilson_J's avatar
  11. HughMungus69's avatar
    Installed this into my PS5. Over 5100 mb read speed so very pleased. Only thing was installing the heatsink on wasn't very clear as there were 2 different pairs of thermal pads and wasn't sure which to use
    JohnnyMcJohnFace's avatar
    it says one thin and one thick, which one goes on the bottom and which on the top?
  12. Davejay81's avatar
    ..if only MS would crush their portable SSD prices! I'm patiently waiting to move house before I bite on expanding the PS5
    WaterHippo's avatar
    I paid over £180 for the Seagate expand card on the One X when I first got it and that was the “good” deal back then.

    Sony did everyone a favour on the PS3/4 with easy to upgrade SATA drives and now NVME on the ps5.
  13. Nath4n's avatar
    Ordered thank you!
  14. Weekenddealer's avatar
    JoelTyrell's avatar
    Is this going to work half the time ?
  15. djp2k8's avatar
    Not sure whether to go for the 1TB or splash a bit more on the 2TB for future proofing the PS5
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The.Fat.Cat Author
    If you can afford it, go with a 2TB.
    No point buying a 1TB and finding yourself out of space some time in the future and regretting your decision.

    Don't get the fanxiang though, go for this Netac and save a few £ -

    Click the 30% off voucher and use code 3LRREKPM to get it for £81.73.

    Actually, you'll need to buy a heatsink for the Netac if you don't already have one.
    Can get them for £4 at the moment so both drives end up pretty much the same price. (edited)
  16. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The.Fat.Cat Author
    Expired as the 10% voucher is now a 5% voucher...
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