1Tb Seagate Free Agent Desk, Silver, External USB2 FA7200.1, 7200rpm 32Mb Cache £40.79 @ Scan
1Tb Seagate Free Agent Desk, Silver, External USB2 FA7200.1, 7200rpm 32Mb Cache £40.79 @ Scan

1Tb Seagate Free Agent Desk, Silver, External USB2 FA7200.1, 7200rpm 32Mb Cache £40.79 @ Scan

Buy forBuy forBuy for£40.79
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
Free Delivery through AVFORUMS
It's on "Today only" page
Se the link link - secure.scan.co.uk/asp…spx

Computers come and go, but your content should always be nearby. The FreeAgent Desk drive is the best place to gather and access all of your important photos, movies, music, games and documents. Simply plug in the power and the USB cable and you’re ready to go.

Sleek, modern, brushed metal design
Lay it flat or on its side, you choose

Back up everything that matters.
There’s never a file you want to lose.

Automatic backup software makes it easy
Software encryption keeps sensitive files and folders private
Easy to sync between FreeAgent Desk and other drives


Original Poster


Fugly, but cheap and practical. Hot.

HOT - I have the 1.5tb version, very nice drive. Will be getting some more, save having multiple power supplies etc. kicking about and just have 1 on the desk and swap between

Comes up as - £62.38 Inc VAT?

heh heh

Expired - looks like they've changed the price.

Nope - I've just tested it by dropping it inot my basket and going to checkout....still got Net Total

Is this the first time you two have strayed into a SCAN "Today Only" thread?
If so, you've got to read the first post properly, it's in "Today Only" on the Scan website.
If you don't go in "Today Only" then you don't get the "Today Only" price.
Because that's "Today Only".

I can't see it on the Today Only list now oO

it is expired 62.38

good price. I paid £75 for it about 8 months ago.

Nope. I can't find this on the 'today only' page.

It is £62.38

Your text here

I can't find it either.. ooo... don't like their site.... makes my head spin!

c'mon ourdave show us the 'TODAY ONLY' bit where it's at. But 'TODAY ONLY', can wait until tomrrow. Capisce not yesterday. Show us 'TODAY ONLY.'

Just went through the direct link again, and can get right to the final checkout page at the same price.


Edited by: "ourdave" 21st Mar 2011

Let's get this right. When I go to the 'Today Only' link half way down the page, it goes to another page which gives all the deals for the day. I scroll down for the External hard Drives, and hey. Guess what. It's not listed. It's listed on the normal sales for external hard drives at £62.38.

Edited by: "Teltheboy" 21st Mar 2011

Yes..... what Teltheboys said!

I hoped adding it to basket might include it on the cheaper price... no joy... waaahh
Edited by: "Toonah" 21st Mar 2011

Not sure if this helps anyone out who works in the London Liverpool Street area, but was given a leaflet today promoting the new Maplin Store on Eldon Street - this hard drive will be on offer for £39.99 on Friday 25th and Sat 26th March only. 1 per customer, and it states the price applies to the first 50 sold each day.
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