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Posted 31 December 2022

1TB WD_BLACK Performance Desktop Hard Drive (Recertified) - £27 with code @ Western Digital

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WD_BLACK™ Performance Desktop Hard Drive (Recertified) 1TB drive. Comes with WD 1 limited 1 year warranty. £29.99 - £2.99 (EXTRA10) : £27 with free shipping to the UK.

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WD_BLACK™ hard drives are designed for desktop PC and power users who demand performance, with a variety of upgrade options available.

For Gamers
The WD_BLACK™ drive is the perfect storage solution for your gaming machine by offering large capacities to store your game’s downloadable content (DLC), large cache sizes, and it is the perfect complement for maximum system performance when combined with an SSD.

For Creative Professionals
When it comes to storing your creativity and digital portfolio, look no further than WD_BLACK™ performance storage for your solution. Use the WD_BLACK drive for storing your large multimedia files of photos, videos, games or applications and programs because with a WD_BLACK drive, you get the combination of speed, capacity and large cache sizes.

Increased Reliability
The WD_BLACK™ drive is equipped with StableTrac Technology (2TB and larger models). This secures the motor shaft inside of the hard drive to increase reliability and help reduce impact due to system-induced vibrations from other components such as additional gaming hardware. By stabilizing the platters inside, the WD_BLACK drive results in more accurate tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations, optimizing performance and reliability.

Increased DRAM cache
The WD_BLACK™ drive delivers high-speed transfers and read rates of your files with impressive cache sizes of up to 256 MB of DRAM on our high capacity models. Western Digital’s Dynamic Cache Technology improves caching algorithms in real time to allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes. This movement of cache for read data helps to reduce congestion and increase overall performance.

Efficient dual processing
When it comes to processing power, more is better for loading games or large multimedia files. The WD_BLACK™ drive features a dual-core processor that offers twice the processing capability as a single-core processor to maximize drive performance for faster read and write speeds.

An Industry-leading 5-year limited warranty
Compared to standard hard drives such as WD Blue™, our WD_BLACK™ hard drives pass more strenuous and aggressive internal testing over a longer period of time which is why the WD_BLACK drive is backed by an industry leading 5-year limited warranty. Our success combined with innovation, refinement, and our passion for storage instills confidence in our consumers.

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Western Digital More details at Western Digital
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  1. Avatar
    Can any of the tech savy people advise if this would be suitable as a back up for itunes? Thanks in advance
    It's probably a bit of an overkill for iTunes. The black is a faster drive but you won't notice it if used as a backup drive really. This is also an internal hard drive. You'll either need space in your pc to add it or an enclosure to put it in.

    A portable hard drive (has a usb cable) would probably be better to use as a backup device (edited)
  2. Avatar
    This bad idea to store and play games on? (edited)
    Not at all. It even says gaming hdd on it.
  3. Avatar
    Ok I'll bite, surely a 1tb SSD for £50 would be more reliable and faster?
    It would, and an NVME would be even faster still. All depends on what the user needs- for a backup drive this would work just fine if speed isn't of the essence.
  4. Avatar
    Decent for a game clip storage for YouTube etc?
    Should be alright but might want to consider an pricier SSD if your constantly transferring large files.
  5. Avatar
    1 yr for a wd black seems off. these things used to have 5yr warrnaty
  6. Avatar
    How many rpm?
    The WD blacks are always 7200rpm
  7. Avatar
    It may be cheap for a 1TB HDD, and 1TB in general, but if you have a bit more budget, also take into account the space budget within your system. A 1TB 3.5" HDD, although cheap, is very expensive in terms of space when you have only a few slots in your PC case.
    Some PC only have space for m.2
    Mine only one in m.2 2030 format.
  8. Avatar
    I'm in the market for a deal on a +4Tb drive just for everyday data storage. Cheers.
  9. Avatar
    im almost certain an ssd will still outperform this. ive seen the mx500 drop to 55 quid before, worth the extra 30 quid over this.

    hotukdeals.com/dea…667 (edited)
    Yes, an SSD would absolutely outperform a HDD. It's a trade off between £ per TB and performance. This WD_Black is quite sufficient for many uses.
  10. Avatar
    I bought a couple, thanks
  11. Avatar
    Tv can pause live shows and record them.... Would this inside a caddy be any use? Or better off with a ssd
    A 1TB SSD is double the price. This should be fine, but I would recommend the SSD still.
  12. Avatar
    might take a punt for my synology homeserver
    Why? You don’t want to waste a slot with a 1tb
  13. Avatar
    They last and last.
  14. Avatar
    The 10% off is only valid on drives 2tb or over
    Code works for me anyway.