2 500ml bottles of coke for £1.60 at ASDA

2 500ml bottles of coke for £1.60 at ASDA

Found 7th Sep 2009
2 500ml bottles ideal for the kids to have in their bag at school and for only 80p a bottle of you buy 2. they are usually around £1 so you are saving 20p a bottle not bad..


Cheaper in Superdrug, 2 for £1.59

There's no way I'd let my kids take a 1/2 litre bottle of Coke to school each day. They'd have no teeth left by the end of term.
Bad idea IMHO.

coke and kids should not be together!

Cheaper at a wholesalers cash and carry, 24 x 500ml £10.99 :whistling:

My local shop does these at 79p each anyway, so I dont see what is special about 2 for £1.60...

Every so often they have then at 2 for £1 or £1.20... thats more of a deal, 80p a bottle is not cheap at all....

2 x Pepsi 500ml £1 in Poundstretcher

Tom Pickering;6227840

2 x Pepsi 500ml £1 in Poundstretcher

Coke/Diet coke is also 2 for £1 in my local poundstretcher :thumbsup:


If you really want to give your kids 1/2 l of coke a day, then buy one of these per kid. Tell them to bring the bottles home with them and fill them up from a 2L bottle for the next day. Much cheaper.

I would never pay anywhere near that price for Coke / Diet it is always on offer (half price , BOGOF) somewhere.

I'd rather buy 3x Pepsi 500mm bottles for £1 at Homebargains!

4 bottles for £2 in Martin McColls
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