2 * 8 packs of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero Cans for £3
2 * 8 packs of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero Cans for £3

2 * 8 packs of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero Cans for £3

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I just dropped into my local ASDA and got this bargain. They're usually £2.99 for 8, you can now get 16 cans for £3. An absolute bargain especially for you who drink Coke Zero and can't get them in the 24 packs!

I can't find it online.


Are you sure its an 8 pack? The normal cardboard packs are 10's and plastic covered are (normally) 6's. I have seen them in 8's but not lately.

no sign of this in my asda, i havent seen 8's for years apart from the 6 packs with 2 cans free special packs

I got some Zero in The Morley Leeds Asda. Also included in the offer is the Normal Red Coke and Diet. It is an 8 pack so 2 x 8 packs for £3.


Not bad Not bad

Voted Hot . I do like coke zero so will pop in tonight on way to work. Thanks.

cheers for this. diet coke and ice my favourite

good find voted hot

Yeah this caught my eye while in Asda's during lunch. it's the the 6 pack with 2 extra free. Has to be the best deal around. We're supposed to be in summer, so excellent oppourtuntity to stock up. Works out at 0.1875 pence each!!

At a time when everything is sky high and through the roof this makes a refreshing change. I can't remember it being this cheap since the 1990's voted HOT.

Hmmmm..... buy individualy from a corner shop or fast food place for 60p (minimum) or buy these packs from Asda @ 18.75p each?? bit of a no brainer!!

Coketastic, mind n brush those teeth folks!

Also can confirm this deal, brilliant find, just went to ASDA and stocked up

thanks OP picked a few up earlier

Did you know diet coke is also very good for getting oil stains off your drive ? ( good if your car leaks , fat lot of good if it doesn't i know ).:thumbsup:

They were BOGOF in sainsburys last week at £2.45 and their new offer is 2 packs of 6 for for £5 con merchants
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