2 Days worth of Park tickets, Night in Shark hotel, Free Breakfast, Parking, 1 hour unlimited fast track & more  from as little as £44pp based on Family 4 @ Thorpe Park

2 Days worth of Park tickets, Night in Shark hotel, Free Breakfast, Parking, 1 hour unlimited fast track & more from as little as £44pp based on Family 4 @ Thorpe Park

Found 16th Jul 2015
Thought this was pretty good value, esp in the school holidays!

i'll list some dates / prices below but you'll get

2 days worth of park tickets
An hour's unlimited fastrack between 10am-11am
Breakfast at Fin's Bar & Grill
FREE parking
A host of great evening entertainment

Right dates below and cost per person included so you can work out your budget easier. - Tried to round the prices up on most.

20th July £175 - £43.75p
21st July £175 - £43.75pp
23rd July £175 - £43.75pp
24th July £210 - £52.50pp
25th July £243.50 - £61pp
27th July £225.50 - £55.50pp
28th July £225.50 - £55.50pp
29th July £225.50 - £55.50pp
30th July £225.50 - £55.50pp
31st July £222.50 - £54.50pp
3rd August £227.50 - £57pp
4th Aug £227.50 - £57pp
5th Aug £227.50 - £57pp
6th Aug £227.50 - £57pp

Plenty more on page - If you were to buy the tickets on their own for 2 days it would be £143 odd

Note you can stay at cheaper hotels, see link, but you wont get the 2nd day of tickets free, breakfast, fast-track etc

Other exclusive benefits of staying in Park at the THORPE SHARK Hotel include:

2nd Day at THORPE PARK Resort FREE
Exclusive First To Ride Time so you can enjoy selected rides before the crowds
FREE hot buffet breakfast at Fin's Bar & Grill
Flat screen TV entertainment package complete with an exclusive Angry Birds app and movies on-demand.

Free parking
Bunk beds
Flat screen TV with entertainment packages
Angry Birds App
THORPE PARK on your doorstep
On-park hotel
Restaurant and bar
Air conditioning
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Some of the reviews on the hotel are not that good - no windows, air con turning off, claustrophobic.....
we stayed in the Shark hotel a few months back. Only Window is a port hole on door which over looked the lake. Mood lights were annoying as they kept changing colour and would not stop. A/C could be turned off, Just need to point it at the sensor. Rooms were adequate for a couple for a night, bearing in mind it's literally to sleep it was ok. I would recommend as great value.
on a separate note - if you wanted just 3 people, would that be possible as the prices are based on 4 people :?
Don't seem to have any 2+3 family rooms available, but then i actually looked at some of the photos on trip tripadvisor and i'm not surprised. Hope you're not claustrophobic!
What do people expect for this money? A 5 star hotel???
It says there is no swimming pool..at a shark hotel.

Do the sharks come with frickin laser beams at least?
Stayed here in October last year. Rooms are basically converted shipping containers. They're comfortable and clean, but as mentioned have no windows except for the round one in the door. One double bed and two bunk beds, so a family of 4 max. Stayed just me and my son for Fright Nights. Our air-con was fine, could switch it on and off at will. The TV was another matter, it wouldn't go off unless I switched it off at the wall. The people on reception are very helpful with any problems with the room and sort things out quickly.

The hour of fast track in the morning is useful, but although you can get in the park at 9.45 the rides don't start until gone 10am. Good for getting the busy rides done first though. One thing against Thorpe Park is its queue management is terrible, with the big coasters easily pushing 3 hour waits. Worse still, when the announcement at one ride was saying 2+ hours, the display screens in the park were saying 90 minutes. Expect to either queue for most of your day or shell out for fast track tickets if you want to do more than three coasters in a day.
Don't forget life or sickness insurance on top of these prices? cough cough
Favourite theme park!
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