2 designer glasses with thinner lenses for £90 at asda opticians

2 designer glasses with thinner lenses for £90 at asda opticians

Found 20th Oct 2009
in my local asda opticians today i saw that they have loads of new frames in. they have what i think is a great offer- any 2 pairs of single vision glasses with thinner lenses for £90 or 1 pair for £70. The offer is whatever thinner lenses you need, even if you have a very high prescription they just charge everyone the same price. seems good to me. i got 2 pairs today!!


what discount is this on previous price?

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think it was 2 for £95 but with basic lenses, the lenses now come with a-r coat that was an sxtra £20, and thinner lenses if you need them that used to be up to £180 extra!!!!

what index are the thinner lenses (1.6, 1.67, 1.7 etc)? The higher, the thinner.

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whatever index you need, they go up to a 1.8 glass. think its 1.6 for up to -5.00, 1.7 for -5.00to -7.50 then 1.74 and over. they also do aspherics lenses free of charge.

I have ordered today a two new pairs at -7.50 total cost £90.00...This would have been £375 in tesco with their buy one get one free offer & over £500 in vision express. Asked the person in the asda store how they can do it & even she didnt know. if you have a need for new glasses this offer is about as hot as you can get

Just to warn anyone considering "Select Specs"'. I've had a very bad experience with Select Specs. I ordered some glasses for my son while he is away at university. They replied a week later to say they could not supply to his prescription. They had let me select his prescription online??

Then when i ordered some form yself it did not ask me for the delivery address and when the order confirmation came through they were going to send them to my son! I emiled then multiple times but they still ended up sending the specs to my son. They dont have a phone number! Now have to wait until Christmas to get them.........

:thinking: My research says that if you want regular thickness specs (as most do) it's still better prices at Specsavers.
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