2 Dine for £10 back again this weekend Marks and Spencer in store
2 Dine for £10 back again this weekend Marks and Spencer in store

2 Dine for £10 back again this weekend Marks and Spencer in store

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As title says. The 2 dine for £10 deal is back again this weekend. Unsure of which food is involved in the deal but if like last time will be a main course, side order, pud and a bottle of wine.


this was brilliant last time, and the Rose wine i had was top class,
i know where i'm heading at the weekend!

Might give it a whirl as M&S profits are down ...


Nice deal voted hot

Voted hot.
I even registered to this site just to vote it hot!

As sexyswift07 said, 'it was brilliant last time'.
However, here are some advices (according to my girlfriend and I personal tastes):
- the French red wine (it was a bordeaux) was not very good (and I have nothing against Franch people, since Iam one of them ;-) )
- the other red wine (spain?) was good, and so was the rose
- the so-called paella was not good (there was not even chorizo inside!!!)
- but the lochmuir salmon was terrific!

Hope it helps

cant find the voucher online on the m and s website.
anoyone got a direct link?

If the OP information is right, you don't need any voucher. BTW, where do you got this information?

Just pop up in your local M&S store this weekend, and you will see the offer on the shelves ;-)

When does the offer start?

Great, I missed it last time :thumbsup:

i went into the keighley store last time about 10am and they had sod all left...

I am sure it started on a Friday last time as I called in after work.

Didn't know they had an M&S in Keighley!


When does the offer start?

Last time it ran 22/5 to 26/5 which was a Thursday through to the Monday (according to the thread on MSE). So maybe tomorrow then??

Can anyone confirm?

I second that the salmon was absolutely gorgeous - the sauce was delicious. Wasn't so keen on the rose, a bit too sweet for me, not mad on zinfandel. The pinot grigio they had on offer last time I have since tried and enjoyed, so will go for that probably.

Edited to say that someone on MSE has confirmed it starts Thursday 3rd.

How cool, this offer was great last time, will be down at store tomorrow morning...lol

Cool - Loved it last time - looking forward to it already - voted hot

thanks op even better with my aunts staff discount will put my order in with her asap!!

voted hot:)

I work at M&S and the deal does start tomorrow. The salmon is again on the offer and there are 3 wines this time. The Californian Rose, Italian Pinot grigio and a red (can't remember which one). Lots of choice though!


Didn't know they had an M&S in Keighley!

I'd guess that's because all shops in Keighley look the same with boarded up windows.......;-)


Didn't know they had an M&S in Keighley!

yep...right in the centre opposite brighthouse

and yes..keighley is a hole..

Does anyone know the full list of what is in the offer?

I thought that M&S sold socks, slippers and other stuff - is it somewhere that people go to dine?


Does anyone know the full list of what is in the offer?

I can tell you what was instore at the Islington M&S (may not be the full list, as they were still putting stuff on the shelves):

- Lochmuir salmon with soya glaze - delicious!
- Lochmuir salmon fishcakes
- Pork medallions with cider and bramley apple sauce
- Chicken breast with caesar melt and proscuitto
- vegetable moussaka
- Oakham whole chicken extra large (more than 2kg) - was already half price, so used to cost like £8 alone before!

- caesar style vegetable salad - is really nice!
- tenderstem broccoli
- house salad
and perhaps some potatoes, they were not on the shelves, but there was their price tag...

- 2 creme caramel
- 2 raspberry & strawberry cheesecakes
- 2 lemon souffles
- 2 melting middle chocolate puddings
- 2 fresh mixed fruit tarts

- red: classic claret Bordeaux 2006 - I think it is the same than last time, not very good IMO
- rose: california Zinfandel 2007 - definitively the same than last time, is nice
- dry white: Garganega Pino Grigio del veneto 2007

I didn't go for it yet, since there is no 'light' dessert. Last time there was a terrific fruit salad, and I am waiting in hope they put some on the shelves latter on the day.

Hope it helps

Thanks nmerlet, looks yummy! Going to pop in later :thumbsup:

just been to Harborne M&S and got:
Pork medallions with cider and bramley apple sauce
Oakham whole chicken extra large (more than 2kg)
caesar style vegetable x 2
2 lemon souffles x 2
rose: california Zinfandel 2007 x 2
Loads on the shelf... the chickens were all priced differently so of course I chose the biggest one there...

Amazing deal! I'm going to head down to M&S at 12:00 and hope there's some left!

Just been to Hedge End Southampton and there's loads of everything listed above!

Just been to Barnstaple store and got Melt in the middle salmon fishcakes big bowl of salad, melt in the middle chocolate puds and a bottle of Zinfandel Rose wine, can't ait for dinner, yum

just in case not already mentioned. offer thrus to sunday

Hope Dervla Kirwan will be available as well to offer her orgasmic voice over

Great deal, preferred the offering last time around but from memory you can choose from;

Main meal

Pork medellions in a Bramley apple/cider sauce
Salmon fillets in a ginger/soy drizzle
Lochmuir salmon fishcakes
Chicken fillets with pesto (i think it was pesto)
Vegetable mousake

Side dish

House salad
baby potatoes
tenderstem broccoli
Caesar Vegetables


fresh cream fruit tarts (kiwi/strawberry on the top)
caramel deserts
melt in the middle chocolate pudding
rasperry cheesecake
Lemon souffle


Pinot grigio
Claret Bordeaux
California Zinfadel Rose

Thats about it, may have forgot something. Also remember to take your own bag or else they'll charge you 5p for a bag

The M&S In Keighley is in the town centre, next to sunwin house

Hot deal! rep added

Couldn't decide so bought two of each - that's the weekend sorted!

Went yesterday and got a massive chicken (serves 6), new potatoes, lemon souffle and white wine. There's only 2 of us here, but the chicken will do for a few meals, can use the left overs for curry etc. So excellent deal. Sadly my partner doesn't like wine, so I will have to drink that all by myself :P

The chicken is the best deal value for money wise, as the extra large ones cost about £6 each on their own. I heard the manager talking about it to someone, they;ve been flying off the shelves! Wasn't that many of the extra large ones left when I was there.

:thumbsup:Got mine ,thanks.Got this offer last time,bargain!

Got a whole Oakham Large Free range chicken (not available at all branch), Pinot Grigrio, twin caramel and a packet of brocolli and asperagus. The best one is the whole chicken"

Yum, great deal!

Got one of these yesterday, had the pork medallions, broccoli and asparagus, 2 chocolate puddings and a bottle of pinot grigio, it was an absolutely fantastic meal, I would have paid £10 for the food without the wine to be honest! Seriously I haven't had as nice a meal in a while, would have paid £40 in a restaurant for the 2 of us for something as nice as this. Bargain, H&R left

m and s are looking to do one next weekend too


Got a whole Oakham Large Free range chicken (not available at all … Got a whole Oakham Large Free range chicken (not available at all branch), Pinot Grigrio, twin caramel and a packet of brocolli and asperagus. The best one is the whole chicken"

oakham chicken available at most stores as its tyhe main supplier of m and s chicken

Ok, just called M&S and the offer this weekend includes (note i did miss a couple of items as i was trying to write it all down and he was realing it off).

Wine - some name sounding like Frogberts - Chardonnay, Shiraz, Rose

Main - Salmon Fillets x 2, Beef Meatballs, Chicken Mozzarella Pesto, Deli Roast Bird (he said this was a whole bird - YUK!)

Side - Pasta Spinach, Medium Salad Bowl, New Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetable (and i think he said something about Potato Cakes).

Dessert - Classic Fruit Salad, Summer Fruit Compote, Chocolate Souffle, Raspberry Panacote, Profiterole Dessert (yippee my fave)!

Again sorry for any errors/missed items but i was scribbling it down - it gives you a rough idea anyway!
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