2 Film Boxset: Babe & Babe: Pig in the City - £3 @ Tesco (IN-STORE)

2 Film Boxset: Babe & Babe: Pig in the City - £3 @ Tesco (IN-STORE)

Found 22nd Nov 2009
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £4.93 at ASDA Online.

Babe: Babe's enchanting adventure begins in Farmer Hoggett's barnyard. Under the care of Fly, the sheep dog, Babe figures he's a sheep dog too - and acts like it! But on a farm where outrageous antics and outrageous characters abound, you'll come to believe it yourself - and root for the polite little pig as he competes in the National Sheepdog Championships. Babe is a hilarious, heart-warming classic your family will love watching again and again. Nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and winner for Best Visual Effects, Babe is the timeless tale of the young, orphaned piglet. Through his own innocence, sheer will and remarkable way with words, he overcomes the odds to become a "pig of destiny".

Babe 2 - Pig In The City: This sequel takes the three musketeers Babe, Ferdy and Mrs. Hoggett on a crusade into the midst of a large city where despite incredible obstacles, they're able to turn enemies into friends, raise enough money to save the farm and combine the two worlds into one. Once again, it's Babe's kind and steady heart that achieves the miracles.

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''that'll do pig, that'll do....'' heat added - love these films!
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