2 Fish & Chips for £10 from Little Chef
2 Fish & Chips for £10 from Little Chef

2 Fish & Chips for £10 from Little Chef

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My local fish and chip sells fish and chips for this price too.

Little thief

If this is the offer price, what is the normal price? Anyone know?


My local fish and chip sells fish and chips for this price too.

my local, and its the best in our area, is £8 for two with large chips.

This is sadly as cold as the food will probably be on your plate.

You get free food poisoning thrown in though.... at least I did the last time I ate at one of those filthy manky little money bleeding $%&*!.

Cold.... a rubbish price from a purveyor of rubbish who generally have rubbish staff (in my experience)


Little thief

That's what I call them too. :giggle:

i thought litte chef went bust?

What about the local chippy £1 for a large cod and chips...... c'mon like £10..........
i know its little chef, but comon...


i thought litte chef went bust?

if only...........

think they went into administration but were rescued


If this is the offer price, what is the normal price? Anyone know?

£6.99 for Battered Haddock & chips



They went down hill all the way ever since the all day breakfast went up from £1.99 ( it stayed at £1.99 for years, but once that key price changed it went to £2.99 then £4.99 very quickly, last time I went in one it was £6.99 ) - Those were the days, it was OK to have a nice fry up then ;-)

Little Chef fish and & chips don't sound particularly desirable.
Although I am spoilt as my friend won 'young fish fryer of the year' and was voted the best in Europe, lol.

My local seafront chppy does fish and chips for £1.85
What a pity these 1970's Hell Holes have not moved with the times
Out of the freezer into the frying pan mentality

I haven't been to a Little Chef since i was a kid 25 years ago around, i thought back then they where great? or have they always been crap? Lot can happen in that length of time i guess

Guess we get what we pay for from chipshops too tho, some great fish suppers can be had for near 6 quid up here.....and can get a mediocre one for just over 4 at some shops.

Cheaper than my local...went in today, 2 Haddock and chips £11.60! Not as good as back in Yorkshire, and almost double the price.

I ate my last 'meal' at a Little Chef about 5-years ago. It was possibly one of the worst meals I have ever paid for. I was younger then and if I had the confidence that I have now, I would have left the food and walked out.

Voted cold, like their food and their opinion of their customers.


Sorry OP, but the last meal I had at Little Chef was about... 10 years ago, and it was beyond vile. And when I complained, the staff were rude and unhelpful.

Filthy restaurants, terrible staff, **** food.

I ate there recently - the crappest bacon roll ever cost me around £3.50 - one slice of bacon on the dryest bread ever, sauce was extra 15p. I ate it and felt seriously conned. They do not realise though that they actually are making people never eat there again. These places could be goldmines if they just knew how to run a business. Grrrrrr. They can keep their fish and chips.

:-D i just had two lots of fish and chips and a bottle of coke for £9.10 :-D and thast from the expensive chippy :-D


Where are you people getting these deals??? A bag of chips is £1 and fish is £3 near me :w00t:

Comparisons with local fish and chip shops are pointless. You're buying a meal out here, not a takeaway, and with waitress service, whatever you might think of Little Chef (and personally I avoid them).

Rather like moaning about the price of beer in your local and expecting them to sell it for the same price as Tesco. It's not just the food you're paying for - it's all the overheads, and you won't find that many places where you can sit down, have the food brought to you, and eat fish and chips for £5 a head.

As I say, Little Chef is best avoided, but let's be fair here. £10 for two meals out is hardly expensive. Voted hot.
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