2 for 1 Eurostar Offer with the Daily Telegraph - now  ** ON ** - hurry to get best deals !!

2 for 1 Eurostar Offer with the Daily Telegraph - now ** ON ** - hurry to get best deals !!

Found 2nd Sep 2006
2 for 1 Eurostar Offer with the Daily Telegraph - hurry to get the best dates !!!!

Collect 4 passwords from The Daily Telegraph or The Sunday Telegraph between 2 September and 15 September 2006 to qualify for this 2 for 1offer.

Book between 5 September and 3 October 2006 inclusive and travel between 19 September and 30 November 2006 inclusive. You must book at least 14 days in advance, and it is recommended that you book early to get the best availability.

Passwords are: UNCOVER (2nd Sep) | REVEAL (3rd Sep) | SCENERY (4th Sep) | MEMORIES (5th Sep)
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Interesting find Edi. :thumbsup:
I don't understand the offer :confused: Call me stupid but does it include a return trip and is it per car or per passenger?
We are 2 adults and 2 children thinking of doing a day out to Belgium in October.
Mr Stupid.
I booked through a very similar offer in the past and it was pay for one person, get another ticket free. Tickets include return journeys. It certainly doesn't work on a per car basis; I wasn't even aware that Eurostar took cars.
Oh, I thought you could go on with a Car??
What's the drive on drive off thingy? I have just done a Dover to Calais run with P&O and that was £50 for the day.

Are you perhaps thinking of the Euro … Are you perhaps thinking of the Euro Tunnel?]http://www.eurotunnel.com/ukcp3main

That's the one. :thumbsup:
I thought they were the same thing. :confused:
Thanks for the link :-D
You're welcome.

I haven't come across any offers for the Euro Tunnel, but then again, I don't drive, and don't keep an eye out for them.
The last code is memories so the OP can update the first post.

Get booking they are selling out fast, I found it hard to find a weekend with good travel times and booked in November as they were showing sold out earlier unless you want to travel at 7AM!
Thanks kudos1uk

All 4 passwords are now available to go.....
Tried to use this offer, for some reason it is saying that one or more of the passwords is invalid. Anyone else having this problem????:-(
need to check the date's in the post "2006?"

Sorry i sound dumb, but what do u mean by checking dates in 2006?
I think this is an old deal ... someone trigger happy, perhaps?
LOL.. the deal is 1 year & few days old :w00t:

Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this deal.