2 for 1 on P&O Minicruises with P&O Ferries!!
2 for 1 on P&O Minicruises with P&O Ferries!!

2 for 1 on P&O Minicruises with P&O Ferries!!

Enjoy a minicruise to Bilbao in Northern Spain, including 3 nights in an en-suite cabin on the Pride of Bilbao for just £72 per person, plus ONE GOES FREE! AND
One pays, one goes free! Now you can pack more into your autumn break with a 2 for 1 minicruise to Amsterdam or Rotterdam, from just £71.


In english??

HOT from me.
Sounds like a really good deal.
Anyone been on 1 of these?
Good value for money?
What are the excursions like?

have been on a couple of these now and can really recomend it food can be a bit pricey but you have plenty of choice and its a great chance to have a few days away from everything :-)

anyone have any luck with this - want to go to amsterdam or rotterdam but not finding the 2 4 1 fares?

Try this link too, was posted last week, Newcastle - Amsterdam for similar money.


fantastic price, just not sure whether I would fancy going on the high seas when the sea isn't as predictable and could be a bit choppy!

Looks like they only being from October (for the Bilboa ones anyway).

we have done the burgee and amsterdam 1 brillliant crossing on both, lovely ships , yes food expensive if you sail from hull if i remember it dosent leave untill the evening so make sure you eat before and when you dock eat in the towns

Went on the portsmouth to Bilbao cruise last year - would recommend, although not if you get sea sick.. especially in September.. i was literally bouncing from wall to wall.

Best part for me - they have an on board research team that study dolphins and whales - if you stay on deck, they actually announce when they spot things, and we did see loads. Even a sperm whale came right up close to the deck. If your interested in those kind of things - take some good binocs.

The excursions when i went - were on the final day - and lasted 3 hours.
Last year, it was either a trip to the shopping centre in Bilbao or the Gugenheim museum. We opted for the Gugenheim, along with another ...4 people. Was an amazing building.
Arrived back to the boat to see hoards of people with bin liners full of cigarettes.

we did portsmouth bilbao last year. Absolutely bloody awful. It was gale force, and you have to remember this "jaunt" crosses the bay of biscay, which is not reknowned for its calm tropic conditions. Had to eat in langans every day to stay away from the hoards of drunks roaming the ship day and night. Day trip to bilbao was 10 minutes beacuse the crossing took so long due to the awful weather. never again. Not recommended. Cheap and there is a reason for that.

hi we went this year and iv book a few days ago for the 10th did want the 31st but all booked up never mind like everone say on here bring you own food as it dose add up it i but it a fun time and there lots to do on the boat :-D if u want a booz holiday then go for this

When is this for? As i've just done a quote and it's come out £455!!!

I've been on some of these over the years and there is a reason they are so cheap for sure - they are rubbish and you are captives for their money making gambling and food / booze outlets. If you want to get somewhere, fly.

Just had another look and it says "There are no sailings available for this minicruise. "
voted cold

I went on one at the end of July/beginning of August. Couldn't fault it one bit! Food excellent, entertainment superb, all round great value.

I'd recommend buying the £49 meal tickets which entitle you to 2 buffet breakfasts and 2 buffet careveries. I found that the food at night is actually too much and I like to eat! There is a wide range of food you could have as your main course but the main item on the menu is the carvery and they give you loads! It's honestly too nice to waste.

I wouldn't go any time after September in my opinion as the weather won't be nice and the sea will choppy as hell.

As long as you go into it open minded not expecting anything special in particular, you will be pleasantly surprised! (providing you don't get sea sick like I was!)

'Cruise'? It's a bl**dy ferry for heaven's sake!

Since when did days and nights on the North Sea or North Atlantic/Bay of Biscay, in Autumn, paying for expensive food constitute a 'cruise'?

I like these, I live an hour from Hull, I have used these for business.

Get on the ferry in the evening, sleep overnight, wake up the next morning and you can do a full days work.

It's actually alot less hassle than flying anywhere, for me anyway.

DON'T DO IT!!!!!! Allow me to guide you through this 'experience'........

I did this last year on a supposed 'comedy cruise'. Upon boarding the car ferry (coz that's exactly what it is), you are guided to your 'suite', a windowless cupboard with just enough room for a pair of bunk beds. The bar is OK, save for being full of the cast of Jeremy Kyle's show from the minute you get on to when you get off again, fairly expensive but not ridiculously so.....however, the catering options are just crazy. Even the school dinner style canteen will knock you about £10 per head. Obviously the concept of a captive audience is not lost on P&O.
There was a choice of 3 excursions (at extra cost), and they are compulsory unless you want to stand like a stuffed olive in the port as everyone must leave the boat when it docks (and believe me, you'll be happy to!). The only one worth doing is the Guggenheim Museum, which we were told once we were halfway across the sea was cancelled due to lack of interest. Apparently at least 20 people need to book in order for the excursion to take place, despite many more than that saying they had wanted to book, it wasn't happening. Interestingly though, it was the only excursion that didn't have 100% mark up for P&O.....

The 'comedy' element of the trip comprised of a group of old acts that must have literally been dug up.
A weekend of mother in law, homophobic, anti semitic, racist old crap last seen in the 70's, told by fat old men wearing frilly shirts that would put Barry Manilow to shame. Never before will you have been more pleased to see Portsmouth........

You would honestly be better standing in B&Q for the weekend - at least their coke machine doesn't require a credit score.
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