2 for £1 on Selected Dairylea @ Sainsbury's

2 for £1 on Selected Dairylea @ Sainsbury's

Found 28th Apr 2010
Dairylea Light Portions 140g 95p
Dairylea Light Slices x8 200g £1.19
Dairylea Light Tub 200g £1.11
Dairylea Portions 140g 95p
Dairylea Slices x8 200g £1.19
Dairylea Tub 200g £1.11


Tesco 50p for Dairylea Portions 140g and Light
If you only want 1 pack

I noticed this in store today and it struck me that it's not a bad deal at all. Granted it's only of interest if you eat processed food, but it does work out cheaper than buying the equivalent value cheese products.

For example, the value / basics / smartprice 'cheese flavoured' slices are 58p for 200g and each contain 11% cheese.

The 200g packs of Dairylea slices work out at 50p each and have 33% cheese. This isn't great, but it's three times as much as the value alternatives and obviously it works out cheaper.

Anyway, the deal ends on Tuesday.

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