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2 for 1 Rod Stewart tickets £95 at Ticketmaster via o2 Priority

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    OMG, is he still alive
    Thought he'd gone years ago 😔
    No, it's only his voice that went years ago.
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    Try listening to ''The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II) ''
    I've listened to the killing of 'Sweet Caroline' at the queen's platinum jubilee concert, does that count?
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    No disrespect to the OP deal's effort, you tried and it must be rough to get a frozen one.

    Years ago I was watching a popular Spanish TV show with and equally popular national host that happened to be gay.

    That host comes on to announce and present the Rod and tells the national audience that the Rod didn't want to speak to him (you know regular chat regarding the show, behind the scenes) because the host was gay.

    That was it for me.

    I still have a large collection of singles LPs (given to me to sell) that I cannot bring myself to put them on eBay, I rather take the loss and upcycle/recycle them.
    Nahhhhh! He's well known to be good friends with loads of gays, Elton ..he loved Freddie Mercury!
    In fact I think they've all got female names between em. I don't believe one bit of that.
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    Rod shows are fantastic I have been going to see him for years
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    It's Rod Stewart. They should be paying us £95!
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    Rods net worth... 300million, wife works as a pcso...
    Legend goes if Rod invites you out to dinner then don’t forget your wallet.
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    Thanks OP - bought a couple for me nan. Actually, come to think of it, he looks like me nan.
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    When he is not at the O2 you can see him for free repairing the pot holes in Essex,? 😃
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    Unfortunately, Rod is now a Spitting Image caricature of himself.
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    He must go to the same hairdresser as Boris Johnson
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    Rods so old that he's still wearing his uniform from the French revolution by the looks of his photo 😁 (edited)
    He's far too old for anything other than a suit.

    Think Frank Sinatra who managed to keep it simple.
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    Not so keen on him but his emu is a right laff.
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    Jane and freddy were devastated when he took off on his own
    Aye, but he ‘bungled’ it, going solo…
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    just like all rods birds two for one (edited)
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    Link not working and the offer is obviously mopping up half a dozen seats located in the heavens.
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    He thinks he’s Rod Steward
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    thought he was a plumber these days
    I know a few people who would like to " Rod" Stewart!!! Butt for a completely different reason (edited)
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    Maggie may be going. She's not made her mind up yet.