2 for £12.99 / 3 PC games for £15!!!

2 for £12.99 / 3 PC games for £15!!!

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Found 3rd Jun 2007
Came across this beauty when looking for the best Warcraft 3 + EP deal.

The best price for both the Warcraft 3 and the EP (Best Seller Series) is £7.99. I noticed "MULTIBUY OFFER" when looking at them on the gameplay.co.uk website and...

I'm sure you can do the math and see there's quite a saving to be had here since the Warcraft 3 and the EP would cost £15 without any other game thrown on every other website. The only catch on the Warcraft deal. There is a non-Best Seller Series version of Warcraft 3 selling for £5.99...not that it matters when it's out of stock and an older version.

For the troublesome lazy gits on here, I've decided to be reeeeeal nice and use Find-Games/GamesTracker to discover the best price for each game on the net, ignoring shops selling used copies and stores with no stock.

Best Seller Series: Warcraft 3 - Reign Of Chaos - £7.99
Best Seller Series: Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne - £7.99
Best of Range: The Movies - £7.99
Thief: Deadly Shadows - £5.95 (some unknown store called MX2 :|)
Best of Range: Quake 4 - £7.99 (SoftUK - Out of stock),
Might & Magic IX - £4.99
Hitman: Contracts - £4.99
Best of Range: GUN - £7.99
Best Seller Series: Empire Earth 2 - £7.99
Best of Range: Doom 3 - £7.99
Medieval Total War: Gold Edition - £6.95
Best Seller Series: SWAT 4 - £7.99 (Game don't actually have any in stock...)
Imperial Glory - £8.91/9.99 (stock/version confusion)
Sierra Best Sellers: Diablo II - Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack - £7.99
Best of Range: Call of Duty - United Offensive - £7.99
Stronghold 2 - No idea, different version and prices and confusing me.
Far Cry - £7.49
Sierra Best Sellers: Diablo II - £7.99
Best of Range: Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition - £7.99
CSI 2: Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives - £7.95
Sierra Best Sellers: Starcraft/Broodwar Expansion Pack - £7.99 (every store is out of stock)
Empire Earth - £4.49

As you can see, there are a fair amount priced at £7.99 without this £3 for 15 offer, meaning you get a £8.97 saving if you pick the right options. I know, I'm smart...my mom always told me I was special.

Warcraft 3 + EP and Starcraft + EP for me. The problem with my order is that Starcraft isn't in stock...


Some nice games there. Certainly some classics there worth getting (Quake 4, GUN, Doom 3, Medieval Total War, Call of Duty and Far Cry are great if you don't have them).

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Aw man, I thought I was onto a winner with this deal...

With a saving of £8.97 on a number of the games you can select, I'm a little lost.
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