2 for £15 - Beers, Lagers, Ciders Etc - TESCO

2 for £15 - Beers, Lagers, Ciders Etc - TESCO

Found 14th Nov 2011
So here we go again..... valid from 14/11 - 20/11
Tuborg 12X275ml
Carlsberg 12X440ml
Brothers Festival Pear Cider 12X440ml
Fosters Gold 12X300ml
Strongbow Cider 12X440ml
Stella Artois 12 X 284Ml Bottles
Kronenbourg 12X275ml
Becks Vier 12X440ml
Budweiser 5% 12X300ml
Crabbies Ginger Beer 6X500ml
Caffreys 12X440ml
Beck's Bier 12X275ml Bottles
John Smiths Extra Smooth 10X440ml Cans
Savanna Dry Chill Pack 12 X 330Ml
Kopparberg Pear 12 X 330Ml
Magners Irish Cider 6 X 568Ml
Magners Pear Cider 6 X 568Ml
Kronenbourg 10 X 440Ml
Magners Irish Cider 10X440ml
Budweiser 10X440ml Cans
Grolsch 12X275ml
Carling 12X440ml Lager
Coors Light 12X330ml
Stella Artois 4% 12X440ml
Boddingtons Draught 12X440ml
Old Speckled Hen 8X355ml Bottle
Stella Artois 10 X 440Ml Cans
Old Speckled Hen 8X440ml Can
Carlsberg Export 10 X 440Ml Cans
Carling Chrome 12X330ml
Worthingtons Creamflow Bitter 12X440ml
Guinness Draught 8X440ml Cans
Fosters Lager 12X440ml
Tetleys Smoothflow 10X440ml



12 packs...... can they get any smaller?

Cold from me..... £7.50 for 12 cans is not hot

Haha the old arguement I could get 79 beers for 50p back in 1966 again!

20 cans of stella in tesco for 11.00, so average deal. now if this was 3 for 15.00 then it would be hot

For anyone wanting Becks, a 20 pack is £10 in Tesco, far better than 24 for £15.

just used the £15 off £50 order for 1st time shoppers so worked out i got 2 free.


Haha the old arguement I could get 79 beers for 50p back in 1966 again!

Yes inflation. But about this time last year I bought 24 bow for 8.97
You figure it out with your maths and the inlfation rate. Thou guessing its near 200%

This ain't a deal, not so long ago we got 24 cans for £10.
Now that was a deal !!

morrisons 3 for £20 at the moment too,

For Coors Light, this is good, especially mixing it with the £27 pound deal

Sainsburys are doing an offer on 2 x 20 packs for £20 from Weds hotukdeals.com/dea…507
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