2 for £16, 3 for £20 beer / cider deal - LOTS OF CHOICE @ Tesco, online and in-store
Got these today.

Good thing is, Tesco include some 'premium' beer in this deal as well as standard (for less amount I know), also have cider included. Remember it depends on the availability in your area too.

Includes: (Above 440ml is bottle, below 440ml is bottle, 440ml is a can)
15 x Carling 440ml
12 x Budweiser 440ml
12 x Carlsberg Export 440ml
15 x Carlsberg 440ml
15 x Stella Artois 5% 284ml
15 x Becks 275ml
15 x Carlsberg Export 275ml
15 x Budweiser 300ml
15 x San Miguel 275ml
12 x Brahma 330ml

15 x Strongbow 440ml
15 x Blackthorn 440ml
12 x Koppaberg Pear 330ml
8 x Magners pear 568ml
12 x Savanna dry 330ml
6 x Magners 568ml
12 x Magners 440ml

15 x Boddingtons 440ml
10 x Old Speckled Hen 440ml
12 x Bombadier 275ml
10 x Guiness Draught 440ml

...phew lots of stuff and typing

** I think this OFFER IS NATIONWIDE generally, but some stores may not have the same selection, or may not be taking part in this deal. ** Offer ends 13/06/2010 - so get buying / delivery booking.


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I picked up - 15xCarling, 12xBudweiser and 12xCarlsberg Export in store this evening - all cans - to take to Download Festival yum warm beer :(. Will end up leaving of some of the cans at home, too heavy to lug it all with me, and a bit too much beer for 3 days....just :D.

You can get 45 cans of Carling / Carlsberg / Stongbow for £20 (if thats your posion of choice) - thats 44.44p per can, works out 57.3p per pint! It just shows you how heavily pubs are burdened with taxes and running costs (also this probably is non-profit / loss leading with some combinations of buying). These loss leaders are going to be stamped out my the government in the future which is a shame, it comes into force soon I believe - bad times for consumers

I've added 3 crates of 15x300ml budweiser cans to my basket but it's coming up at £42 rather than £20? lol Any ideas?

EDIT: Have just tried it again with 3 15x440ml carlsberg crates and it comes to £30. I don't think tesco like me!

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I've added 3 crates of 15x300ml budweiser cans to my basket but it's … I've added 3 crates of 15x300ml budweiser cans to my basket but it's coming up at £42 rather than £20? lol Any ideas?

Urm I'll try it now and report back, I think it takes it off at the end but I dunno.

EDIT: I have no idea mate. But its meant to be £10 each to begin with anyway. Its coming up at £10 each for me, and no deductions at checkout, even though it says its a deal in the information thing, and next to the product.


EDIT: Problem should be solved ------ (we were just being noobs I think)
Guide price: £30.00
About the guide price
This excludes savings from multi-save offers. Don't worry, they'll be taken off your final bill from your driver.
Don't forget, you can collect Clubcard Points just like you would in-store.

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This might direct link you to the deals - tesco.com/sup…007 - if not go to beer and wine, and you'll se a link to 3 for £20 deals. (however this could be a specific link for me / my store, I don't know)

Thanks for the help JJintheuk, unfortunately I can't find this deal anywhere on the site, the link you gave me just takes me to the tesco grocery main page.

Cheers mate.

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Ah right, no worries. Some things are store specific, I just thought this would be nationwide! Hard luck. Worth checking out in-store though if you are passing by over the next few days perhaps (if you are feeling thirsty haha).

thank you, just used a new email address and the code xxafft and got £10 off a first shop, also signed up to topcashback with the email address and will be getting £10 cash back off them too.... love it .... H&R added :0)

morrisons have a 3 for £18 pounds deal on again seems to go on and off when they feel like it,
12 millers is probaly the best item, and i think there is 15 stella bottles, and myabe 10 cans of bud 10 cans of guiness, some rubbish and some good

Asda deal still on.3 for £20, I've just taken delivery of 6 x 15 440ml Strongbow cans and 3 x 15 284ml botles of Stella.

90 STRONGBOW & 45 STELLA. That's this weekend footy drinks sorted all for £60

Is the old speckled hen in a can as good as it is on draught?


Is the old speckled hen in a can as good as it is on draught?

Is any can of beer as good in a can as it is on draught?

For anyone who hasn't noticed, there are a few extra packs in this deal now. Of particular interest are:

6 x 500ml bottles of Crabbies Ginger Beer

12 x 440ml cans of Bombardier English Ale

12 x 330ml bottles of Sol Lager

At £1.11 per bottle, the Crabbies is much cheaper than elsewhere. 3 bottles for £5.00 is the standard offer at Asda and Sainsburys, so your £20 gets 6 extra bottles in Tesco.

The Bombadier is shown as cases of 12 x 275ml bottles online, but cases of 12 x 440ml cans are also included and obviously work out much cheaper per pint.

Sol at 56p per bottle is unbeatable right now.


This offer has been extended until 20/06/10, so it isn't expired. For me at least though, the 3 for £20 is only available in store.


Deals are still on at Tesco's today (18 June)

OP's can you please unexpire - just been to my local and can confirm offer still on until tomorrow 20/06/2010
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