2 for £16 on most boxes of Beer and Cider @ Tesco (Big list included)
2 for  £16 on most boxes of Beer and Cider @ Tesco (Big list included)

2 for £16 on most boxes of Beer and Cider @ Tesco (Big list included)

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I was in Tesco's hoping to find a good'ish deal on ciders.

They had;

Bulmers origanol 8x568ml bottles (12)
Bulmers Pear 8x568ml bottles (£12)
Calsberg 18x275ml Bottles (£12)
Stella Artois 18 X 284ml Bottles (£10)
Fosters Lager 15x440ml Cans (£10)
Becks 18 x 275ml Bottles (£12)
John Smiths 15x440ml Cans (£10)
Guiness Draught Cans 12x440ml (£12)
Boddingtons Draught 15x440ml Cans (£10)
Old Speckled Hen 10x500ml Cans (£12)
Old Speckled Hen 9x355ml Bottle (£12)
Bombardier English Ale 12x275ml bottle (£12)
Savanna Dry Chill Pack 12 X 330ml bottle (£12)
Gaymers Original Cans 12x440ml (£12)
Gaymers Pear Cans 12x440ml (£12)
Strongbow Cider 15x440ml cans (£10)

There were a few others in store I think.. But these are the only ones that I could find online.

The deal ends on 30/06/09

Hope it helps someone ^_^


This is now getting worrying,the supermarkets are conspiring to turn me into a rageing alchoholic this summer:thumbsup:
Im off for some of this beer,will be a tight squeeze in my car boot as its full of cheap Asda Stella:w00t:

alot of these were available for 3 for £18 a few weeks back.. still got some fosters left from that

I got Bulmers Pear 8x568ml bottles (£12) + Guiness Draught Cans 12x440ml (£12) but the discount did not come off. When raised this they said Bulmers Pear 8x568ml bottles (£12) is not included in the offer and should not have been placed on the shelf next to all those in the offer as they accepted it was confusing given it was £12 full price and the offer was something like "2 x £12 cases for £16".

Had to swap the Bulmers Pear for another case of Guiness to get offer.

Whether this is correct or not I do not know but thought I'd mention it.

There is some real beer in that list, but it doesn't look like a good price for the smaller cans/bottles.

Noticed Netto have 3 for £20

Website only shows Blackthorn Cider x 18 and Fosters x 10 (not so good a deal)

I know i will being getting 3 X 18 Blackthorns for £20 54 Cans for £20 YES

I was ****** off that Tesco switched out the 9x500ml bottles of Speckled Hen for these new cases of 9 355ml Hens. Would have got the cans otherwise.

mmm "STRONGBOW THE NATIONS FAVOURITE CIDER" Thanks, was coming to the end of the 12 cases I got when it was 2 x 15 for £14 @ asda. This is cheapest at the moment so Hot from me.
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