2 for £4 on selected Femfresh products @ Boots !

2 for £4 on selected Femfresh products @ Boots !

Found 30th Jul 2009
Femfresh Cleansing Wipes 20 Pack
Femfresh Deodorant Spray 125ml
Femfresh Individual Wipes 16 Pack
Femfresh Intimate Wash 200ml
Femfresh Re-Balance Moisturising Gel 50ml
Femfresh Re-Balance Soothing Wash 200ml
Femfresh Talc Free Powder 200g

Original prices from £2.24 to nearly £3.00
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Having 'Boots' in the title is handy
My wife's Fem was all out of balance a few years back, apparently it's not something Kwik Fit can fix with their laser machinery or by plugging a laptop into it, so she tried the Femfresh Re-Balance Moisturising Gel and fingers crossed she hasn't had a problem with it since. Really hard knocks can put the balance out, she knows exactly how it happened. Some idiot was going too hard and fast and banged into her Fem. She told me she got all his details and arranged compensation so all is well that ends well.
Knock for knock?
Hmmm dunno.

I smell something fishy about this!

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