2 for £6 on selected hayfever products @ Boots

2 for £6 on selected hayfever products @ Boots

Found 28th Mar
Started today, went to buy some Beconase (£5.98 each) and it came up as £6, the till assistant had to double check, then commented it must be a new offer and they usually last around a month in store (but no expiry online that i can find).

So stock up now if you normally buy these, as 2 for 6 will most likely work out cheaper than own brand items.
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for all the tablets in the picture non branded versions will be significantly cheaper. Cetirizine (£3) and loratidine(£1) for 30 tablets online
Had to post here to say that Beconaise is head and shoulders above regular Hayfever treatments. And £6 for two isn't bad, though you can often pick them up individually for between £2.50-£3.50 from Asda, Tesco or Home Bargains. Regarding the other things (tablets etc.) there are far cheaper alternatives available in Home Bargains. I'm talking like 5x cheaper in some cases, with the same stuff in the tablets, just missing the brand name.
These are in pound land.
Cheaper on mypharmacy or even just poundland
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