2 FREE Energy Saving Light Bulbs From British Gas

2 FREE Energy Saving Light Bulbs From British Gas

Found 3rd Feb 2008
Got sent a letter from British Gas, telling me that if I filled in there survey they would send me 2 Free Energy Saving Light Bulbs.

The good news is you can also do the survey online and they say they will still send out the Free Light Bulbs as well as your report.
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Doesnt say anything about FREE Energy Light Bulbs on the online survey!
This is the only thing that I can find about 'free' light bulbs on their site - you have to sign up to paperless billing.
Bottom line seems to be that if you're already a customer they give you some free light bulbs if you fill in a survey they send you.
We are not with British Gas, left a couple of years ago.

It does however say on the letter that you will still get the 2 Free bulbs if you fill in the survey online, instead of using the form they sent in the post.

You got nothing to lose.
Filled out the form but doesnt say anything about free light bulbs
it did have this offer and I've just received my free bulbs, but I guess they're run out of stock cos the offer is not there any more.
is it me or are these "free" bulbs basically "****" ie dull light output, take ages to get bright etc....
Am I eligible for free energy saving light bulbs
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