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2 Free Kindle Books on Aloe Vera @ Amazon

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link to 2nd FREE Kindle book - ALOE VERA: How my grandmother used it

What you have now on your screen is not a course on the medicinal uses of Aloe Vera, but an Instruction Manual on it.
We have thought about doing an intensive course, but it won't be out soon. Anyway, what you can do with Aloe is very clear and explained is in this Manual and presumably it will be used intensively if any of the symptoms expressed are part of your ailments or loved ones.
Of course, our intention is that you are always healthy but it is logical to assume that, even if it is a toothache, at some point it can happen to you. And Aloe has part of the solution, if you know how to use it.
The best recommendation we can give you from now on is that you try to have an Aloe or, better, the three recommended in your home. If you don't have room, there will always be room for three pots. The best pot is terracotta with no less than 20 centimeters in the mouth, always well drained and with soft garden soil. Since none of the three recommended Aloes are too demanding, garden soil can be mixed: half a river hangover and the other half, black soil from any garden. Although there may be a feeling against when the time comes, it must be assumed that if you consume a lot of Aloe, the most likely thing is that when in a pot the plant will end up at some point.
Feel free to replace it no matter how much you want it. If Nature put a plant like this on Earth, it was undoubtedly because it would greatly alleviate the sufferings that we eventually suffer.
It is important that you know that I, as the author of this Manual, do not eat Aloe: I do not tolerate it. But I have used it in many other external applications, with the result that I invariably expected. I think it is not wrong that I affirm what I have just expressed: not like Aloe; my papillary senses systematically reject it. The only time I put it in my mouth, it was due to a toothache that took half an hour to disappear, but I suffered a couple of vomits until I adapted.
Hopefully it doesn't happen to you and also, hopefully, you never have to use it.
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