2 Free Mills and Boon books + no p&p
2 Free Mills and Boon books + no p&p

2 Free Mills and Boon books + no p&p

The link below is for you to choose 2 free Mills & Boon books from the categories they list. There is no p&p charge and all you have to do is provide your details. Not my type of thing, but may be yours?

Even better - do this through quidco and get rewarded £1 for it! Worked for me!



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No thanks pavilion :roll:

re: t&c
a little vague and encompassing all the same! big brov!

They will send out no obligation books that require payment, with the freebies, which will then need to be returned. Not worth the agro.

I did this and got the free boks with a free wine glass, then I phoned them up and cancelled it and kept my books and the wine glass, all very simple..

They did the smae thing about 2 years ago and I did it then as well, I love the books as they are a fun read and if anyone wants to order them and send them to me please feel free.

Then they keep sending you stuff and bills for stuff until you threaten them with a letter from your solicitor. Great deal!
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