2 FREE Sample of Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate
2 FREE Sample of Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate

2 FREE Sample of Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate

Simply tell Skinny Cow about yourself using the form provided and theyll send you 2 FREE sample sachets of SKINNY COW Hot Chocolate one delicious chocolate and one yummy mint. Theres only one set of free samples per person but, dont forget, you can enter their prize draw once a week for as long as it lasts. Fields marked * are mandatory.


Thank - just registered and ordered

Great thanks,
would love to try the ice cream

ordered mine, thanks!
heat added

heat and rep added-thanks

this chocolate is superb! I have a tub in the kitchen but Im going to be greedy and request them anyway, thanks

Bit a form bug that makes you answer every question even if you clicked No ... but never mind.



how do you register?

Thanks heat added

ordered mine thanks op

Thanks, lookin forward to getting mine

Ordered mine thank you very much

thanx. Heat added.

thanks, heated


Finally cottoned on and registered. Thanks

Finally got it. Thanks

Mmmm, this stuff is yuuuuuuummy!

"Just enter your username and email to continue"

Hmmm.... something a bit wrong with that!!

add one fire..

Nice one

they've run out the free samples.........

Bah, no more freebies


"We didn’t realise just how popular our free sample sachets of SKINNY COW® Hot Chocolate were going to be and now the cupboard is bare. We’re sorry if you’re disappointed."
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