2  FREE T-Mobile Sim Cards

2 FREE T-Mobile Sim Cards

Found 11th Jul 2006
As title.
These don't come up as often as they used to so grab two while you can.



Thanks Dino Very rare for these for free as you say!

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Hi Rayman,
Did you put the picture in? Thanks.
I find this new way of listing freebies hard work

There are 3 great pay as you go price plans to choose from – just pick your perfect plan!
[*]If you mainly call any network at any time choose [COLOR=#e20074]Everyone[/COLOR] and get [COLOR=#e20074]12p / min calls
[*]If you mainly call your mates on T-Mobile choose [COLOR=#e20074]Mates Rates[/COLOR] and get[COLOR=#e20074] 5p / min calls[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#e20074]5p texts[/COLOR].
[*]If you love sending texts choose [COLOR=#e20074]Text Appeal [/COLOR]and get [COLOR=#e20074]3p texts[/COLOR] to any network.[/LIST]Plus, you can get 20% EXTRA credit every month if you top up more than £20.

We only have a limited number of SIM cards to giveaway, so confirm your order now before it's too late...

Hi Dino, yeah I put the image in. It's not as difficult as the old forum, once you've found the right buttons to click

The URL for the image needs to be pasted into the Image URL field when composing the post, just under the Go to deal URL field.

I'm sure you'll get used to it once you've posted a few more

Cheers Dino, more for my collection



All gone now.

Sorry this offer has now finished. But don't worry you can still buy a SIM card for only £2.

I am not worried

will wait for the next freebie :lol:

This has started up again,
I was able to fill in my details.

Thanks for the update jai47

thanks. like its been said it will be added to the collection

worked for me.

note, not really "Free". to activate you need to top up:

2. To start using your SIM simply pop it into an unlocked handset and activate by topping up with £5 or more.

i went to the site today but the offer has expired:x

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i went to the site today but the offer has expired:x

Welcome to HDUK Becky :thumbsup:
These Sim cards may be back soon.

lets hope so

Surely the easymobile £3 sim with free £33 credit which is on the Tmobile network is far better than this.:confused:
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