2 Free Tassimo Glasses (GLITCH)!

2 Free Tassimo Glasses (GLITCH)!

Found 15th Jul 2013
Just found this out!

How to get 2 FREE WMF Glasses (GLITCH):

1. Sign upto tassimo.co.uk and register your machine.

2. Make another account.

3. On the spare account, log in and then go to tassimo.co.uk/tas…015

4. Type in the original email you originally signed up with and registered your tassimo machine with.

5. Wait for an email from tassimo.

6. Claim your FREE 2 Tassimo Glasses or a pack of stencils and a pack of Carte Noire T DISCS.

7. Rinse and repeat

Credit goes to me.

EDIT: This is not a refferal, the link is the hidden section when you sign up.

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Not so much a deal as an exploit...a dubious one at that!. I think, unlike Arnie, we're taking you to the cooler on this one chap :-)

Yes mate...we are...have a Mr Frosty on us :-)
Just did this and got another £20 off voucher emailed to my proper account instantly

Think this was probally because I filled THIS in previously earlier today. (Altho it wasnt the same email as I had filled in the form for a different email address i used to buy my £30 coffee machine today)

Have some heat!!
just exploited the hel out of this! Free **** all round for me and a buddy! Gratias!
Seems to work but won't hold my breath, expecting them to catch on and cancel the freebies . Heat added , cheers
Up to 56 Working days delivery, lets wait and see
just did this twice and on the second go it allowed me to choose a £20 off voucher for the discs aswell as the glasses and the stencils
got £20 off again but can't use two vouchers in one order ...
Brilliant. Although said 56 days got t-discs in 1 week

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