2 Hours For £20 @ BSM [Limited Time Only]

2 Hours For £20 @ BSM [Limited Time Only]

Found 30th Aug 2010
Test us out with two hours of lessons for just £20*. But hurry, there's already high demand for this offer and limited availability.

So, don't miss out. Book your lessons today. Join our 100th birthday celebrations and discover why we're the UK's most experienced and popular driving school.

Go on pass on the big 100...
Book your lessons. Call 0845 851 9571
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bargain there usually 25 a lesson with bsm
u have some dirt on your profile pic tho

u have some dirt on your profile pic tho

Lol yeah whatever
hope clear the roads of stupid idiots who think they can teach their kids
BSM "bring some money"
only manual gear box!!!! so cold
Cold because this deal is not available in Scotland
I'm glad I'm not learning to drive in this day & age... seems like it costs a M/F-ing fortune!

only manual gear box!!!! so cold

Fair enough really. Unless there is a reason why you can't use a manual gearbox it makes sense to have the skills so that you can drive a manual if the need arises. I also doubt they have many Automatic instructors- Pretty much all of the driving instructors I know of teach manual.

Looks like a good deal, but they took my daughter's money then after a week said they had no 'assessor's' in our area, and she would have to ring another area. Now two weeks later they are saying they cannot refund her money as they no longer have the details and can't take them over the phone 'for security reasons', so they have to send her a form which she will have to send back... What a palaver! I voted hot originally but now wish I could vote cold cold cold!
I booked and paid for this supposed 'deal' and no driver turned up. When I called to complain I was met by the rudest people I have ever encountered. Suffice to say they don't want to give my money back even though I had no service. I have complained to Trading Standards and 2 weeks sent them official request for refund under 'Supply of Goods Act'... not even the courtesy of an acknowledgment.
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