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2-In-1 Spring Clamp Black Pack of 4 (Limited stock) - 60p + Free Click and Collect @ Jewson

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2-In-1 Spring Clamp Black Pack of 4 is manufactured from high quality steel. It comprises of two jaws. The jaws of a spring clamp usually have either soft plastic or rubber pads. This is mainly used to protect the material being clamped from damage while maintaining a firm grip on the workpiece. The fasteners grip the inserted components through spring tension. Springs are mechanical devices that are capable of storing mechanical energy because of their elasticity. It is regularly used in retaining and clamping applications.

Features & benefits
Manufactured from steel ensuring durability
Corrosion resistant

Please keep in mind that there is a limited supply; out of the nine stores nearby me, only one has them in stock.
Jewson More details at Jewson
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    Another item to add to the 'special' drawer in the bedroom
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    Goddards Green 42.5 miles
    Closest to me
    Thanks for posting.
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    Inverness and Perth have stock in Scotland!! Great deal.
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    Thanks. Managed to get some from Telford store. Seemed to have plenty left.
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    out of stock all over Gloucestershire :-(
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    Nearest stock 78 miles away….
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    Jewson Not Jawson
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    Jewson's website gives no mention on what the size of these is which is a bit suspect. Also since when have they been called "2 in 1"? I've never bought spring clamps with that claim before.
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    I bought a similar set a while ago and lost most of the protective rubber pads already. Maybe glue them on when you get them.