2 Litecups For Just £15.10 Delivered @ Little Bird

2 Litecups For Just £15.10 Delivered @ Little Bird

Found 12th Dec 2016
Have you heard of the Litecup before? It is an innovative product that combines both a sippy cup and a night light for little ones. At Little Bird right now they are offering a Pack of TWO for just £12.50, that's 30% off the retail price!

The Litecup is a non spill sippy cup which means no messy accidents in the night by sleepy little ones which also doubles up as a night light. The fact that it lights up means it is easy to find in the night too, it is light sensitive so turns on when it is dark and off when the sun comes up or the light is switched on.

The no spill valve means that little ones can even drink from it laying down without it spilling everywhere. It has a stylish design, is easy to clean and great for travel.

There are a few colours to choose from: Frozen Blue, Glitter Pink, Midnight Blue, Royal Red, The Colour Purple and Vivid Orange.

Home delivery is £2.60 per transaction
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they're All soldout....
That's a shame they are good cups for the bedside. Both of mine the lights have failed within a couple of weeks - still a good cup without the light especially at that price.
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