2 LITER - Pepsi - Pepsi Max -  7UP - 75p !!! @ Lidl

2 LITER - Pepsi - Pepsi Max - 7UP - 75p !!! @ Lidl

Found 12th Aug 2009
* Choose from:
* - Pepsi Max,
* - Pepsi Regular,
* - Pepsi Diet,
* - 7UP Lemon & Lime
* 2L
* 3.8p/100ml
* Price per item

was £1.56 now 75p
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78p at somerfield as well if no lidl near you
fab offer!
Where can I buy MIRINDA?

Where can I buy MIRINDA?

In India
Spotted on Tuesday, Great deal!
Those of you that dont have Lidl close by Spar is doing it at 89p [2ltr pepsi only]

I imagine that spar's are more accessible than Lidl for some people.
I thought this has been posted, I bought 8 of these babies last week some time
Can we get the thread title updated to correct spelling!

Can we get the thread title updated to correct spelling!

+1, as this is in the UK not USA :oops::thumbsup:
Don't want to sound mean guys, but 75p for 2 leeters sounds too much - you can get 3 leeter bottles of Panda Cola from Hardeep's cash 'n' carry for 39p (inc. VAT)!!!!
Why is thedealer08 'Banned'?

Why is thedealer08 'Banned'?

Can`t spell "litre" :w00t:

Can`t spell "litre" :w00t:

Sounds fair enough to me
No point checking for this if you live in Northern Ireland. I was in a Lidl in Belfast yesterday and the Pepsi was the standard price - £1.56 :roll:
Some would say that's harsh, but American English is the Devil's work, so maybe it's fair.
I bought 8 bottles at Lidl this week and today won a Nokia 5800 phone with a bottle code, fantastic result!
Going down to lidl and fill my trolley good! some great deals on here at the moment with lidl, my only vice, diet pepsi, 8 bottles should fill the sugarry void. Cheers for the heads up.
Bought a crate of pepsi and 7up should last a while!!!
somerfield is 78p
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