2 LITRE 7UP/LIGHT BUY 1 GET 1 FREE £1.40 @: Tesco
2 LITRE 7UP/LIGHT BUY 1 GET 1 FREE £1.40 @: Tesco

2 LITRE 7UP/LIGHT BUY 1 GET 1 FREE £1.40 @: Tesco

Buy forBuy forBuy for£1.40
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Dont like 7up anymore its way too gassy same with pepsi just doesnt taste nice in cans anymore

I dunno if it's just me or is the only poster prior to me hugely off the mark:

* Complains about not liking 7-Up (do they hate Sprite too?), which isn't really that relevant.
* Hates Pepsi too, even this has absolutely nothing to do with this offer.
* Doesn't like 7-Up or Pepsi in cans - *again* nothing to do with this offer (it's for 2-litre plastic bottles of 7-Up FFS!).

Anyway, I'm off to Tesco shortly to load up on these - 7-Up *is* nice (and I do like Sprite too, just to be equally irrelevant as the previous poster) and 70p for each 2L bottle is a steal.

Lidl is selling for £0.50 each, Check ]HERE

Lidl are doing these for 50p each and packs of 6 cans for 99p

Its 7up FREE for the diet version.

Yuuuum, high fructose corn syrup, fetch me some of that! I think my pancreas is getting a little lazy!

As for diet, mmmm, aspartame, fetch me a bucket and a funnel! Thank you Mr Donald Rumsfeld, you are indeed an angel for the masses.

"What a wonderful woooorld!" - Louis Armstrong

Deal includes Tango too!
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