2 Man Inflatable Kayak Half Price Now 64.99 Delivered @ Argos

2 Man Inflatable Kayak Half Price Now 64.99 Delivered @ Argos

Found 23rd Jan 2013
Was £129.99 now £64.99 collect in store or Free Home delivery within 2 days.

Hard wearing durable construction.
Takes 2 persons with a combined weight up to 160kg.
Two aluminium and two plastic paddles.
Size H330, W60, D40cm.
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Don't forget your life insurance policy and one way ticket to Panama.
i wonder if the work like a fiberglass canoe. If so the packed up dimensions would be nice, to see if i could carry it while riding the bicycle.
Looks really fun - does anyone own one? Are they any good?

This is the same thing on amazon


reviews not to good, I'm looking for somethink like this think I'll keep looking


This is the same thing on … This is the same thing on amazonhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/XQMax-Person-Inflatable-Kayak-Paddles/dp/B004FI3S6G/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1358949905&sr=8-3reviews not to good, I'm looking for somethink like this think I'll keep looking

They are good vfm at this price. You just need to make sure you give them a good blow ;-)
I got the k1 intex kayak from Amazon for around £70 great reviews ,use it for two weeks in the lakes brilliant very robust. only downside it takes a lot longer to deflate then inflate.
I have a much pricier one (Sevylor Colorado, ~£250 upwards) but for the money, this one looks pretty good for a laugh.

Haven't seen or used this particular model but I would recommend inflatable canoes/kayaks in general for recreational fun. They're probably the cheapest and easiest way of getting out on the water, and having the freedom to easily move a canoe not only in your car boot, but by foot, on the train or in a taxi is great. Mine is certainly too bulky and heavy to carry on a bike, but your mileage may vary with this one.

However there are a few things to be aware of: inflatables generally don't track or handle nearly as well as a proper job, meaning you have to put a bit more effort in, also they're more easily taken by the wind because they're light and often sit quite high in the water. You also have to make sure you allow time for them to dry off before packing them up (sounds obvious but its easy to overlook this and then be forced into packing up a soggy, smelly canoe if its getting dark etc).

Couldn't see much info on this one but ideally you should be looking for one with 'boston' type valves, they make inflating and deflating much easier. As does a cheap 12v car lighter socket pump (I picked one up for a few quid, both inflates and deflates using an attachment for the boston valves- takes all the work out of it).
Inflatable canoes crop up at very low prices at times when Ebay sellers pick up some clearance / liquidated stock.
I put a chimnea in mine and it sunk.
Goes to prove you can't have your kayak and heat it.
These are best on flat water - lakes and slow rivers. Good luck on fast water, open sea etc!

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I have the Sevylor Riviera 2 man kayak and its great fun. The first weekend we used it we ended up being pushed sideways by the wind up the canal. We took some advice and bought a 'skeg' (like a underwater fin) and that straighened us up good and proper.

As has been said, you probably won't want to go out on the sea in one but for boating lakes and canals they are cheap and fun.
Not 2 adults then. 160kg.

More like 1 adult + 1 kid
Looking at the flood warnings this might be usefull in the coming days

Not 2 adults then. 160kg.More like 1 adult + 1 kid

or 1 person................

One careful owner!

Nearly buy one of these every year. So very tempted.

Nearly buy one of these every year. So very tempted.

as it`s Argos, so most likely it will be 1 person version with 1 inflatable paddle

like this deal hotukdeals.com/dea…315

or 1 person................

...Or two inflatable men...:)
These used to be Much, Much cheaper than this....

...but thats inflation for you!
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