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2 Mini Fillet Burgers for £2.99 App Exclusive Deal @ KFC

£2.99£4.9840% off
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Two KFC Mini Fillet burgers for just £2.99. Available on KFC app.
KFC More details at KFC
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    Still too much if you ask me...
    Not bad for a snack 😋
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    According to the Mods it's allowed as that thread doesn't have mini fillet in the title
    kinda makes it not worth the effort of collecting all the data in one thread if people can just repost the deals seperately
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    Or 2 Twisters of the day for 97p more...😋 (edited)
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    I’ll put it that way. As long as people will go and pay stupid prices for something like this - or any other product or service for that matter - they will keep inflating the prices. If people will stop doing this, they will have to lower the prices !
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    What is it with all these kind of deals only available on App these days. Don't the KFC staff like asking what you would like at the counter anymore?
    Data mining.

    Check out what these apps have access to on your phone.
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    Didn't mini fillets used to be 99p each?
    Maybe several years ago, the cheapest i ever remember them being is £1.29 and that was a long time ago
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    How much are fries from KFC?
    The fries are too expensive no matter what price they charge, they are rank.
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    And the reason I stopped eating fast food years ago, when the price passed that of good healthy food, heck, even more than double it. And the apps, you need a separate app for every grocery store, restaurant, shop etc ... Crazy ...
    I notice the fast food places always do deals in January for 2 burgers? It's like they want to break the people that made new year resolution to be healthy.
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    KFC 'fowl' 'orrible stuff ............every time i go past my local one the fat smell that pumps out of there is enough to make you want to gag .
    I used to live in a flat above a parade of shops,
    one of the shops was a Subway and i had to walk past the back of the shop at least twice a day...
    i would never eat anything from Subway after smelling the gunk out the back of their shop when they bake the bread...
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    Crazy that it has gone from £1 quid to £2.50, yes I know it was a while ago but still, I wonder what it will be in five years?
    will people just keep acquiescing to the price hikes or will they learn
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    Good price
  12. Avatar

    Forrrrrrr GET IT!
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    None of these work, is just shows normal menu.
    It's on the KFC app, under exclusive offers
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    These are neve £2.50 each..there called mini for a reason
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    Only way to eat in that expensive place
    I bet your partner is living it up if you think kfc is expensive
  16. Avatar
    They're tiny not worth it
  17. Avatar
    Had the full sized fillet burger yday......even at the discounted price its not worth about shrinkflation.....the thing was the size of the mini fillet burger from years ago (granted i'd been to kfc after few days)
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