2 month free dining card @ Gourmet Society

2 month free dining card @ Gourmet Society

Found 4th May 2014
First post, so hopefully I'm doing right and it's not already been posted!

Register for a completely free 2 month dining card and enjoy up to 50% off meals at over 6,000 restaurants. Simply complete form on the link. No account details needed. You can also upgrade to the 4 months subscription for £1 and also receive 25% off cinema tickets.

**Click on picture in link to be taken to deal**
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I signed up to something similar. It would only gave you discounts on the main meal, so drinks etc were not included. The most irritating thing was you could not use it over the weekend, & then only up to a certain time, 1800, if I remember correctly.

this might not be the same, but try looking for the terms & conditions.
Heat for FREE food. Take these cards for what they are, remember they are FREE!

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