2 More Free T-Mobile Sims
2 More Free T-Mobile Sims

2 More Free T-Mobile Sims

All SIM cards come on our most our most popular plan, Mates Rates - ideal if most of your mates are with T-Mobile too. Just 8p/min for calls and only 5p/min for texts.

-Or Choose Everyone if you love to call whoever, whenever you like. Youll get 15p per minute flat rate calls to any UK network and landline any time.

-While Text Appeal is perfect for big texters who dont make many calls. With rates from just 3p per text to any UK network.

Plus free weekend credit with pay as you go

-Top of £10 and well stretch it to £20
-Spend your free credit on text, talking or picture messaging to get more out of your weekend
-Top as many times as you want as long as it reaches £10 by Friday, you get £10 free week


type in sim in the search box, then narrow it down to freebies.
There are 16 pages of free sim cards, some from almost 2 years ago.

Hey, still voted hot!

Not preloaded I think?? But these guys have been brilliant :thumbsup:
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