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(2 Pack) 282 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights IP65 Waterproof 3 Lighting Modes - £11.89 Sold By SDA DEN TAL STUDIO LTD FB Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£5.95 per 282 LED unit!

Fulfilled by Amazon so you should be sorted should anything go wrong.

No voucher codes needed here. Joint cheapest they have ever been according to the camels.

Seller details

Fakespot seem happy enough with the authenticity of the feedback left.

Using these for the first time in Winter?

My advice if buying this sort of item in the Winter is to bring them inside at first and place them near a window that gets sunlight for a day or 2. Outside, try and place them in a position that will be in sunlight when it is out. They still charge OK with Winter sun. Set them to be totally off until triggered (Mode 1 on these). Unrealistic to expect solar lights to be on all the time in the UK, even at the height of Summer. We just don't have the climate for that.

About this item
  • ✔🌞【282Leds & 270°Wide-angle】282 LEDs and 270°wide-angle solar lights provide a broader range of lighting and greater light intensity, which are more than enough to light up the dark. Solar lights integrate a 2200mAh capacity battery to prolong the working hours for the night. And conversion efficiency is up to 21% to fast the charging.
  • ✔🌞【3 Intelligent Modes】Mode ① (Sensor mode): solar security lights stay off until motion is detected and will light up with full brightness. (Recommended); Mode ② (Dim light sensor mode): Light up with dim light until motion is detected and will turn to full brightness; Mode ③ (Dim light mode): Constant with dim light all night until the battery runs out.
  • ✔🌞【120° PIR Motion Sensor】Solar outdoor lights are equipped with a built-in sensitive light sensor and PIR motion sensor to pick up movements from humans or animals from 16-26 feet accurately. With 120° sensitive motion sensor, solar outdoor lights are ample lighting for security at night to ensure the safety for us and our families.
  • ✔🌞【IP65 Waterproof for Outdoor】Motion sensor lights are made of high quality and durable ABS material, which is waterproof and weather-resistant, and capable of all kinds of harsh weather. Motion sensor lights can work perfectly as usual even in rain, snow days from -20℃-80℃. Great for outdoor, and perfect for garden, patio, fence, gate, and shed.
  • ✔🌞【Easy to Install】Solar-powered security lights can be installed easily with supplied screws. Sufficient and no wires are needed. Just a few steps to get fully installed. Package contents: 1 * Solar lights. 4 * Expansion Pipe, 4 * Screw for Lamp, 1 * User manual.
  • 💓【Worry-free purchase】We promise a one-year replacement, and 90 days of money-back service with lifetime technical support. A new replacement or refund will be procceed if solar lights don't work as supposed. Feel free to contact us here if any questions.
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    Should I buy or not pls? (edited)
    I have 6 of these on the fence along my drive, even on the darkest days of winter they came on when triggered, 18 months now and still working like new. Well worth a pint at this price.
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    These things usually have an 18650 cell in them, and I have 4. They’re mostly useless outside summer like any solar light.
    I have included in the OP (not that anyone actually reads OP's seemingly ) a paragraph of advice on using these for the first time in Winter. If you don't expect miracles like some do by having them set to be on all the time it's dark but instead have them set to be off until triggered you should be fine. Mine certainly are. (edited)
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    This is an awesome led light for the money!

    Deal: Solar Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 4 Heads 231LED Solar Lights 300° Wide Angle, 3 Lighting Modes Remote Solar Flood Lights IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lights For Garden, Yard, Garage, Porch amzn.eu/d/4…AIw
    Why not post it as a deal instead of burying it in here? The seller's feedback total means the deal would be allowed as a deal... (edited)
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    Ah yes, that reputable seller DEN TAL STUDIO
    Must be a dentist. (edited)
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    Great lights
    I have 2 paid the same on Amazon 31 January 2023
    very bright PIR spot on
    Leave off for 24hrs to first charge
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    2600Lm requires around 29W of power according to rapidtables.com/cal…htm

    This equates to around 8 Amps or 8000mA from a lithium 3.7v cell/battery!

    Then there is the tiny solar panel, how much does that produce? Maybe 0.3W at best, in summer, on a south facing wall.

    When you take in the efficiency of the system at maybe 60%, which will rapidly decline over time, remembering that the motion detecting circuit will be drawing power 24/7, you're looking at a very limited amount of light time even in ideal conditions.

    The Author has been posting deals on this type of light many many times!
    Theoretically you might be right. However I have 3 of these lights similar but some different brand in our drive way since 2019, works perfect till now. And there was an mpow branded one I bought 2016 and taken to a warm country since. On a recent trip I found out that the thing still works despite the 40° sun had broken bits of plastic!!
    I may got lucky but these lights are very durable in my case.
    Just to remember these are mostly for quick use only when motion detected as they don't stay on all the time.
    Plus what I understand Human PID interface don't draw power for motion detection?
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    Bought two of these a few weeks ago. Very happy with them. Nice and bright.
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    i bought these a few weeks ago when deal was posted on here, worked perfectly so far despite the lack of sun, have activated every time with a good amount of light for front porch when arriving home
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    Bought these a few weeks ago and they work just fine. I left them outside in direct sunlight to charge for a full day, then tested them in the dark to make sure they worked. One did and one didn’t light up; but after holding the black settings button down for about 10 seconds, it switched on and both have worked brilliantly since then.
    Yes, the leaving them in direct sunlight for a day or 2 before using them is key here (plus using them on off until triggered Mode setting). Some ppl just think they can stick them up straight away in the Winter and set them to be on all the time it's dark. Unrealistic expectations.. (edited)
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    Much brighter than expected. Works perfectly at the front door.
    Probably not a good idea to advertise your address mate
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    Got these, really bright always work on the motion sensor
  12. Avatar
    Bought these a couple of weeks ago, only one worked initially and then it stopped working, returned for refund
  13. Avatar
    I'm on the fence about these. Anyone that's bought them able to enlighten us? (edited)
    I was going to shed some light on this motion but I am worried some might get triggered (edited)
  14. Avatar
    just bought some to try
  15. Avatar
    Be ok if it was easily demountable and had a charging port. OR, like I did, but not with this exact model, create a hatch at the back to remove the battery for recharging or replacement (indoor use only! Unless you'r really smart, unlike me...)
  16. Avatar
    thanks OP, I've just ordered a pair, I've lots around my house already but these should be pretty bright havin 282 LED
    Very welcome
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    I am looking same light(bright led) for interior use and on off switch. Any recommendation please? Got some 8 and 40 led lights but I think I need at least 200 led light.
  18. Avatar
    How do you charge these? Or do you just replace batteries?
    They are solar lights so charged by the sun
  19. Avatar
    Thanks, bought 2 packs. Feedback here is encouraging
    Very welcome
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    Get the ones you can plug in usb to charge if needed in winter much better. Also have a far larger solar panel. I've tried them all and that is the only version worth having.

    Only then if getting mains power if too much hassle. If not just go mains powered.
    You got a link to the ones you use please?
  21. Avatar
    Thanks op, gonna give them a punt.
    Very welcome
  22. Avatar
    Jazakallah OP
  23. Avatar
    Just bought 4 (2 packs). Thanks for the info OP
    Very welcome
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    Anyone know how theses fair in north facing front of house? Im thinking may not get enough sunlight to work properly.
  25. Avatar
    Seems like a decent offer, but bought this on eBay they even have the PIR ones including free delivery. That’s if you’re like me and haven’t had a good experience with solar floodlights. Seems like the cheapest on eBay.

    LED Floodlight with PIR - SuperWire (edited)
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    These are very good I’ve had these for a long while now still work perfectly and light a decent size area too…
  27. Avatar
    Out of stock now
    in stock but offer price has expired.
  28. Avatar
    19.99 now. Shame as would have bought.