2 Pack Coaxial Plugs 0p @ Wilkos
2 Pack Coaxial Plugs 0p @ Wilkos

2 Pack Coaxial Plugs 0p @ Wilkos

2 Pack Metal Coaxial plugs, priced at 28p came up at the till with 99% off, so therefore free. Lady at the till said it should be nationwide...Quite a few packs left at the Shrewsbury store....

Plastic ones priced at £1.89 so a good deal even if you have to pay the 28p!!

How do I post the recepit??


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If only the people that voted negative had explained why.

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Fair point....anyone want to explain??

i aint voted what are they ?

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Some good deals on wilko sale shelf, often varies store 2 store but hot if you can find them:)

God free and still some people vote cold. Okay it's not the most exciting product but if it's free, it's free. What, you wanted them to pay you to take me?
Heat from me!

I'd shoot the cold voters, as there's no reason for it, but then I don't want to be a mass murderer, so an explanation from them would suffice.

cor thats super hot and free too

i will go down to my local tomorrow and get as many as possible
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