2 pack disposable bbq £1 at B&Q

2 pack disposable bbq £1 at B&Q

Found 25th Aug 2011
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summers officialy over then?
they don't go off. last for years! lol
Just bought one of these. They're a pretty decent size - well worth a quid
To everyone who is disgruntled by the reserve and collect system please see this thread on MSE.


I've tried to start something off in relation to doing something about the awful B&Q r&c system and was shot down in flames at first but the thread is still there so please take the time to have a read.

People are posting what items they reserved at which store and whether or not they had a call to say it was out of stock or if they had a wasted jouney when going to collect.

B&Q have no excuse for such an awful r&c system when other retailers such as Argos are much better.
I could do with some of these says my "local" store has some but their reserve and collect history does not fill me with hope!
Norwich has loads
reserved 6 to put away for next year (never know might squeeze one in this year ) fingers crossed i get it
Norwich has loads
Trafford Park had loads near the entrance and exit. Marked at £5 with £1 scribbled on the side.
will these keep?
Bought a pack at Scarborough store tonight plenty left.
HOT PRICE, very cheap!
got a couple of packs for next years camping,
Are these any good compared to Co-op ones which I think are the best. I've tried most but not these. Don't want to buy 20 odd to find out they take an hour to light or burn away in 10mins
Spykey, they will keep, my last ones were about 8 years old!
Bought 3 packs this morning.........Bargain (You beat me to it op)......Hot!!!

Bagged myself a mosique fire pit table too £25 wahooo was £129 just to rub it in offcourse
has anyone used these before?
I can second their awful r&c system at B&Q, reserved something yesterday with low stock and got a call to say they didn't have it.
excellent thanks OP


there are some also some cheap buys on kebabs skewers and general BBQ stuff.
you can also get a stand for these for a pound at diy.com/diy…383

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i order 3 things on r/c in coventry..add 3 calls to say out off stock..ask why it is still showing in stock,,? they said it only updates every 24 hours,,

Just bought two packs, 50p per item what a bargain!!!
I've just been to B&Q on the silverlink (Newcastle) and picked up 10, plenty left for all you wishful thinkers.

They have a massive reduction on plants too, nearly 80% off some ranges.

Get stuck in.
Just been back on B&Q website and reordered, after being told out of stock yesterday, now in stock today.
Lots still at Chingford, London B&Q.

Reserved 9 items, was able to collect 8 - not too shabby at all.
Bargain price at 50p each
Absolutely everything I ordered on reserve & collect was cancelled, (& I was early, probably one of the first online) really PO with them! ................... what's the point,
useless company, will not use EVER again!

they don't go off. last for years! lol

Exactly, which is why I bought 300 of them the other day.... gonna knock 'em out at boot sales and make a packet..... NICE
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