2 pack plastic saucepans for microwave @ morrisons - 50p

2 pack plastic saucepans for microwave @ morrisons - 50p

Found 19th JanMade hot 19th Jan
25p each for warming soup, beans and sauces in a microwave.


AKA bowls

Got some of these the other day n realised when I got home they had charged me for 2. Double check they don't do that with you if you buy one


AKA bowls

With a handle

great for melting chocolate

don't forget not for the hob

Soup, beans and sauces will badly and permanently stain any white plastic. Who would design such a pan in white???? - someone who doesn't use one!

2. I used one to heat a tin of beans and the handle broke, flimsy for use with hot food.


great for melting chocolate

I would never use any plastic to melt chocolate in the microwave it just burns, you should always use a glass bowl/cup because the residual heat in the glass melts the chocolate , plastic absorbs it so your chocolate just burns without melting

Just a warning,'do not use these on your gas cooker', for some strange reason it melted and then set on fire!oO

2 egg poacher also included
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