2 packs of 8 Kingsmill Crumpets at Morrisons

2 packs of 8 Kingsmill Crumpets at Morrisons

Found 30th Mar 2010Made hot 1st Apr 2010
Offer on currently for 2 packs of crumpets for £1 on both Kingsmill and Warburtons but the Kingsmill have 2 free per pack so instead of the usual 6 per pack there are 8 making it 16 crumpets for £1.

Everyone knows you can't beat a good bit of crumpet at any time of day!


I've tried both while they've been on offer and while the Warburtons have the better texture in my opinion, soft and crumbly, the salt content in them is ridiculously high. Good deal.

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Just noticed this is a duplicate to this hotukdeals.com/ite…1-n

Same price at tesco, i bought some today

Personally, these are not a patch on Warburton's crumpets.
Tried but will not be buying again.
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