Unfortunately, this deal has expired 9 October 2022.
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Posted 20 September 2022

2 Pair of Designer Glasses Frames from £25 + 40% off lens packages with code - Free Delivery @ Glasses Direct

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Thanks to MSE code MSESEPTEMBER, you can get 2 Pair of Designer Prescriptions Glasses from £25 + 40% off selected lens packages + Free Delivery

*Different designers' frames are priced differently

Some Examples:

  • Two pairs for £25 (£69 each before the code) – Scout, Aspire
  • Two pairs for £45 (£89 each before the code) – London Retro, Harrington, Perri Kiely x LR
  • Two pairs for £55 (£99 each before the code) – Polaroid, Joules, MCQ, Puma, Levi's, Ben Sherman, Waterhaul, Mini, DKNY, Pepe Jeans, Le Coq Sportif, Cat, Tommy Jeans, Lipsy London, Champion
  • Two pairs for £75 (£119 each before the code) – Finelight


How to Get the Offer:

  • Select two pairs of designer glasses from the 2for1 on designer frames offer. Glasses Direct has a range of designer frames from brands such as Scout, Polaroid, Levi's and DKNY. They're priced from £69, and are currently on a 2for1 offer, meaning you get the cheapest free.

  • Once you pick your frames, you'll be asked to choose your lenses, some of which, such as bifocals and varifocals, will have an extra cost.

  • You can then choose 'extras' for your lenses, such as scratch-resistant coatings – the code also gets you 40% off the silver, gold and platinum packages. Though here you can avoid any extra costs by clicking on 'continue with basic lenses'. You'll then be asked if you want to enter your prescription (you can also opt to send it later if you prefer).

  • Once you've got the first pair of glasses in your basket, repeat the process again for the second pair. This doesn't have to be the same prescription as the first, so you could get one for yourself and one for someone else. Though this deal won't work on very strong prescriptions – see full details below.

  • After adding the second pair to your basket, use the code MSESEPTEMBER at checkout by 11.59pm on Thursday 29 September to get £44 off ANY glasses where the frames cost £69+ (before 2for1 discount), and free delivery. In many cases, the code will already be applied, and the discount taken off your final purchase price.

More Information

Single vision lenses are free with all orders. Other lenses and lens packages can be added at an additional cost. Boutique frames are excluded.

If you copy and paste the code, make sure there are no spaces either side of it as this can prevent it from working.If you're still having difficulty, try clearing your cookies and starting again.

If you need bifocal lenses you'll have to pay an extra £39, and it's an extra £49 for varifocals.

This deal won't work on very strong prescriptions

Orders for very strong prescriptions are excluded, such as when the combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-8.00, when the CYL is over +/-4.00, if there is more than a 5.00D difference between each eye or if the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction.

Free 'Home Trial'

Glasses Direct offers a free 'Home Trial' service, where you can choose some frames to be sent to you, so that you can try them on at home and see if you like them. It's told us that as long as you order a Home Trial from your account before the code expires, Glasses Direct will honour the code up to a week after it expires.
Glasses Direct More details at Glasses Direct
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  1. Avatar
    Horrible company, good deal if you want to risk it and do the project managing after, and try getting what you ordered, or maybe you get lucky.

    If you decide to take a chance make sure you hammer the prescription and frame number/color in to them at the order time(like repeat yourself-in writing- like six times just to make sure they get it), they use subcontracted labs that screw up the frame colors or lens prescription sometimes (instead of far they send your near/reading lenses ).

    I'm speaking from experience of multiple orders (yeah, I keep repeating because they are cheap but like the saying "you get what you pay for").

    Also stay away for frames that look too flimsy on pictures, they will be even worst in real life and fracture like twigs, around the lenses (they are usually their own in house brand).

    Also make sure that you tell them to force Royal Mail( shipping contract holders) to tell posties not to try to squeeze the bubble wrap envelope with the cases thru the door mail slots (it happen to me, twice) if you have one of those.

    Cases are a little thicker than the mail slot and always end up like pancakes 🥞 sometime with the frames inside the case out of alignment. (edited)
    Ive ordered 10 pairs or more over the years and never had a problem. Very good customer service. My experience has been very pleasant
  2. Avatar
    Thanks for listing the prescription limits - saves some of us having to click through etc. Heated anyway.
  3. Avatar
    thanks, just in time to change my glasses, ordered 2 pairs with 1.6 lenses, total about 89 paided with Amex/Paypal triggered Amex's 70-15 offer instantly as well
    What's that Amex offer??
  4. Avatar
    Tried a few times and no discount is given on any lens packages
  5. Avatar
    What's happened to the "2 for £16/18/19" non-, designer offers? Frustratingly they were on every month until a free sight test offer arrived, and now are nowhere to be seen.
    Or £14 .. That was the cheapest a couple of times during the years.

    Now....with the big B exit event, "special mil operation" by the tovarish and subsequent inflation, the pound is not what use to be and, worst with the HM pushing daisies and the special relationship not happening in the short to medium term...I guess Obby was finally proven right about that back of the queue.

    But fear not there is hope with the " parking lot" of the EU club (read aspiring nations) proposed by ze Macron, up there with Armenia and Georgia.

    Ohh..your were asking about glasses?
    My bad..
  6. Avatar
    Is one able to pay now and submit prescription in 2 weeks time as my eye test is in Oct. Seems like a good offer and wouldn't want to miss. If I pay now, could I get a refund if I choose to get my glasses from somewhere else?
  7. Avatar
    Glasses direct don't do for children, can anyone recommend any outlets that do please
  8. Avatar
    Good deal , ordered for myself and husband , £25 for two pairs of prescription glasses
  9. Avatar
    Mines coming out at £97. Must have expired.
  10. Avatar
    Received yesterday, very pleased with them.
    Brilliant value for the two pairs.
    £12.50 each delivered .
    Normally £69 + postage (edited)