Posted 13 January 2023

Exclusive 2 Pairs of Jogging Pants For £19.99 With Code + £1.99 Delivery From Crosshatch

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    Any good for the gym?
    I use a similar type of Tokyo Laundry jogger for the gym and they have been good to me for about 3yrs now.
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    Mine took ages to ship last time around
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    I can't imagine wearing these for the gym. Everyone you bend your knees it's drawing the pants up and down. What's wrong with shorts
    All I can say is you're wrong in what you're assuming. I don't mean that disrespectfully, just that I've worn this type of Jogger to the gym for years without issue.

    They're cuffed at the bottom, and as long as they're sufficiently loose enough (i.e don't buy two sizes two small) they don't ride your legs at all.

    I've worn these 4 days a week, every week, for years and never had any issues with them.

    You know what does ride up my legs though? My Ryderwear gym shorts lol but they're pretty tight fitting on my quads, and I did intentionally buy them for that reason. (edited)
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    Another great deal, ordered, thanks again
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    got these last time and was really impressed with the quality
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    Ok i snapped these up last time before xmas, the quality is average…..however my main issue is the pockets are horrible, if u plan on carrying a mobile phone in them, you cant, i have a 13 mini, half of it hangs out the top, useless. Worst pockets ive ever seen. Got 2 colours as well. Thank me later you didnt buy unless for gym use only
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    Ordered thanks. (edited)
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    Thanks for this, needed some more joggers to get me through winter ❄️
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    Thanks ordered (edited)
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    Anyone know if these are 100% cotton ? (edited)
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    Ordered. Thanks. Crosshatch clothing is usually decent quality..
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    Only one pair of mediums left
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    No sizes available and this is not even super hot. Cold from me
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    Do these get fluff on them before 1st wash ?
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    Crosshatch Pontoons, 2 twists and theyre bust , cheap catalogue shop tat.
    I'm guessing that Crosshatch probably buy stock from multiple suppliers. Some good, some naff.

    I've only bought a few pairs of their jog pants called 'Complainz' (bought 2 pairs, per the offer) over a year ago, and the quality has been brilliant.
    Therefore I'm going to give this offer a try, based on past satisfaction.

    Don't worry if they turn up and they are as I'll add an edit to this post saying so.