2 Pairs of prescription Glasses for £22.95 (with code) from Glasses Direct

2 Pairs of prescription Glasses for £22.95 (with code) from Glasses Direct

Found 25th Mar 2015
Get two pairs of glasses for £19, plus £3.95 delivery. Using code MSE19GD (from Money Saving Expert) with Glasses Direct's current 2for1 offer on frames £55 and over until Tue 31 Mar.

The code gets an extra £36 off.

I just ordered two pairs of standard glasses from the £55 range, using the 2 for 1 offer and with the code above, the total came to £22.95 delivered.

This works for most standard prescriptions, but excludes very strong prescriptions. e.g when the combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-8.00, when the CYL is over +/-4.00, if there is more than a 5.00D difference between each eye or if the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction.
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Thank you x x
Thanks OP always handy to have a spare pair
avoid this company they cheated me...

avoid this company they cheated me...

what exactly happened?
Looks like free tints too? Not logged in so can't progress too far but some tints say free.
Glasses Direct are an absolutely fantastic company, myself and partner have ordered from them several times and their customer services are second to none!!

Don't forget their sister company which specialises in the more expensive designer glasses called MyOptique.com, I bought a pair of Oakley glasses (tumbleweed type) for £140 and I'm sure they would have been double if not more in a high street store.

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get what you pay for....cold
Had 2 previous orders from these ..everything has been superb ..had prescription sunglasses done last time ..top notch .You can even request sample frames to see if they suit you .Dont pay optician high street prices there's really no need , there's always going to be good and bad reports its just the way it is .
Beware. The cheap frames are weak and easily damaged.

Pay a bit more and just go to the high street opticians because if anything happens in most cases they will be of more help!
Or if you think Glasses Direct are 'cheap', which they aren't, head over to MyOptique.com to purchase a sturdy designer pair for a lot less than the high street.

You are allowed to ask for your prescription from the optician and you do not need to make a purchase! I've had sales assistants practically ramming their frames down my neck so they don't lose a sale! But they did as it got too pushy so I walked out, remember this is how they make money but this website is all about saving money
Received two pairs of glasses from Glasses Direct only yesterday (not this deal). While I paid up for two expensive frames, the total was still only about a third of the costs I was quoted at the high street optician for a single pair. They fit perfectly, lenses are brilliant, and ordering + delivery only took about 5 days in total. Their home trial is superb (and free!) if you want to give the frames a go. Up until now all my glasses were from a high street optician, and it took a lot to convince myself to try ordering online. Now that I have experienced Glasses Direct, I'm definitely not going back to the high street.
I've used these people a few times in the past and alwys thought thy were a decent company until I went to specsavers a few months ago...I took along a pair of glasses I had purchased from GD..Specsavers are able to mesure the strength of the lenses...My eyes need different lenses for right and left...Specsavers told me my glasses had taken along were bog standard reading glasses,same lenses in each eye...I've got to say the quality of GD glasses are very very poor,,,especially the plastic nose grips..easily fall off..I ordered two pair from Specsavers on Tuesday and picked them up yesterday...you can feel th difference in quality of th frames
I have been using Glasses Direct for several years without any problem. Last week I ordered a pair of Monsoon and pair of Bench Glasses for £47.50. I ordered them on the Thursday afternoon and received them on the Saturday morning! on Wednesday evening I found a voucher on Groupon for 2 pairs of glasses for £19. I have ordered an ordinary pair and a pair of sunglasses - which was an extra £10 for the UV tint and £3.95 postage. Worked out at £33 for both pairs - bargain!

Order Reference Date Ordered Order Summary Value Info
P5AH8U-JV9BCT March 25, 2015, 7:34 p.m. Andi, Billie £13.95
P5AH8U-C8L38Z March 19, 2015, 3:25 p.m. Monsoon M-012, Bench BCH258 £47.50

Shame adding the hard coating doubles the price, never ordered any without but may do this time. Need some sunglasses.
6% quidco.

Shame adding the hard coating doubles the price, never ordered any … Shame adding the hard coating doubles the price, never ordered any without but may do this time. Need some sunglasses.

I just get the budget lenses, they are fine and I am not the most careful of people with my glasses!


6% quidco.

My Quidco tracked straight away plus I got extra with buying a voucher through Groupon!

25 Mar 15
Glasses Direct
13.95 0.84 Tracked 25 Mar 15 Estimated payment 14 Jul 15
25 Mar 15
19.00 0.95 Tracked 25 Mar 15 Estimated payment 14 May 15
19 Mar 15
Glasses Direct
47.50 2.85 Tracked
Excellent stuff... just ordered a cheap pair including tinted ones for £23... they'll do for when i'm out and about and not worry about damaging my main pair... cheap for back ups.. thanks OP :-)
I've ordered a home trial of a few frames, if they look up to scratch I will order a pair with reactive lenses.
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