2 seat remote control ride on Jeep @ rideoncars

2 seat remote control ride on Jeep @ rideoncars

Found 3rd Apr 2016
Twin 12v motor built in mp3 connectivity working lights and remote control. Looks a lot of toy for the money, just bought myself interested if anyone finds better because will cancel and buy there
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Meh, what could go wrong.....https://youtu.be/Sf6sErugyuY

​i would say that was more down to idiotic parenting as you could see what was going to happen, plus it was not being operated by remote control by an adult.

I bought a 6v aston Martin version a few years back and it does the job, this is a bit more than I paid but it is 2 seater and 12v so seems a good buy.

much cheaper than going to halfords or the like

Meh, what could go wrong.....https://youtu.be/Sf6sErugyuY

​Lol, anybody who thinks that is a concern should not be allowed to have children as already stated obviously going to happen and not using remote
bought maserati last year, can't fault it great toy.
Bought this for my son last Christmas in black.Its great. Quite powerful too, having twin motors and goes up grass banks/hills etc very easily.The remote operates from quite a distance too. My 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter sit in it together so its quite roomy and still pulls well. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering buying one..
Cheaper than a mobility scooter
Cold... You could get a 20 year old BMW for half this price AND keep it after two years.
This is a bargain my daughter has the Mini Cooper s no remote and paid well more than this from toys r us . Voted hot as if my girls didn't have one already I wouldn't hesitate to buy this .

Cold... You could get a 20 year old BMW for half this price AND keep it … Cold... You could get a 20 year old BMW for half this price AND keep it after two years.

​Servicing costs are much higher though
What are the charge and usage times on this particular model
Will let you know when I get it, however experience with dual motor 6v has been about 2 miles with a 25lb child in
Well initial impressions are pretty good, the car seems pretty sturdy and there is easily enough space for 2 to sit. Not massive fan of the control mechanism though, you have to switch between remote and manual control in the car, meaning if little one plays with switch you lose control. Similarly reverse abs forwards are switches rather than a gear stick as with the previous car we had. Can't comment on battery life yet, but for those not afraid to use screw driver and play with electrics there is loads of space under the seat for another battery to go as the bundled battery sits under the bonnet in the front.
Looking at getting one of these for xmas can anyone comment on quality and the company itself please?
Bought one when posted still going... Although few things have gone wrong that have fixed. Firstly the steering bar snapped so i had to fabricate another. I took the remote steering out because in honesty the car is too heavy for remote steering. One of the seat lugs has broken meaning the seat can shift in the car on one side. It has lots of room to retrofit more batteries so i have double the capacity and as a result have taken on mile up and down hill trips with 2 girls in. Delivery was very fast and despite the issues above it has had lots of use on rough terrain, I've no doubt it would be fine on a tarmac pavement
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