2 Six Piece Towel Bales for £5.98 Delivered - Halfcost
2 Six Piece Towel Bales for £5.98 Delivered - Halfcost

2 Six Piece Towel Bales for £5.98 Delivered - Halfcost

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6 Piece towel bales only £2.99 at Halfcost. Free P&P on orders over £5 so bought 2 sets for £5.98 - Bargain. Only available in Citrus Colour which might not be to everyones taste. 100% cotton.

96 sets left at time of post.


ok we have crashed the site, now come on let me checkout my 78 towel bales

Nice find, thankls OP.
It's important to prepare yourself for not expecting much from Halfcost as it can be hit and miss as to quality sometimes. Can always use them in the garage or garden if they're poor.
Usual slow Halfcost website means there must be more than one person on it, so might need to wait a while to order it though.
Nice spot on the fiver for free delivery. It was £25 min spend yesterday when I happened to look for something on it. One graphic panel down the side says until 25th Sept, one at the top until 4th Oct, so usual @rse and elbow from Halfcost.

Site is way too slow

Original Poster

Yes Halfcost are a little slower sometimes than other sites with overall process etc. Had some decent bargains over the years but its timing it right for whats in stock.

I think having three of us on at the same time has killed the site. Maybe we should take it in turns to checkout or we could be there for hours.
Look what you've gone and started, OP

cant even view Basket


ok we have crashed the site, now come on let me checkout my 78 towel bales

You do realise, it says 78 in stock now, but in a week you'll get a random refund, having no idea what for, a week after that an email saying it's all out of stock?
Always seems to happen to me, so all the things I've added to make up the free delivery arrive, but the good stuff is mysteriously OOS.

Gave up now too much of a pain to try and order


cant even view Basket

I think the same buyers who source the goods for Halfcost to flog on their website, got some cheap web servers and a hijacked dodgy internet hook up to the business next door, running their website. For decades its been completely rubbish.

Need to sack there internet marketing team for hosting on such slow servers, impossible to navigate site!


Need to sack there internet marketing team for hosting on such slow … Need to sack there internet marketing team for hosting on such slow servers, impossible to navigate site!

Well, thats 5 of us on the website at the same time. Not a chance we'll get an order placed in the next hour now.

Its like accessing on a 56k Modem! They must lose a lot of business.

i give up, you cant sell half price items on a half speed server

... and the site has crashed now ... Just another day in the life of ordering from Halfcost.

The site is down anyone see anything else good

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Looks liked they have BALED out!! Sorry folks, maybe try later.

this site has been painfully slow for YEARS

I complained over 2 years ago when trying to place an order and was told "it's fixed now"

I don't even bother visiting the site now, I know attempting to purchase anything takes over an hour

FFS, now my basket is empty!
Should be called "Halfwits" not Halfcost.

hard work this halfcost site wont let me check out so bloody slow

Original Poster

took me no time, but since deal alert think it might have been quicker to buy the joblot and individually deliver to all HUK members who wanted one! Deal Good - Site Not so good so it seems

crappy site... really needs an update. I gave up after 10 mins trying to click on rope lights

took 40 mins but managed to order 2 lots cheers

Item Description


Price Each



Postage & Packing £0.00

Offer Applied £0.00

Total £5.98

It doesn't actually state the sizes so my bet they are 2 face cloths, 2 hand towels and 2 small bath towels a little bigger than hand towels.....I doubt they will include the bath sheet size

Ah.....same company so probs be this

think they need a few feed backs about thier slowwwwww website


Why is this website so slow...

I give up... Impossible to checkout...

ordered 4x, now i read all bad reviews about this company...

1 left and I can't even order that one. Grrrr...

Not even load at all. Crap!

I been trying for hours to order things but it's useless what a crap site,

Love the colour of the towels in the picture...kind of like baby poo. Perfect if you have a baby and don't want to show any stains.


None available on either site


By the way, an old code KZ10 works even though the old faithful FF15 doesn't any more

Edit: For anyone who needs inspiration, here's what I got earlier -

GIRLS RUBBER CROCS PINK - 0/1 (also size 8/9) £4.99 and 10% off halfcost.co.uk/web…117

GIRLS MONSTER HIGH PJ (age 5-6 or 11-12) £2.99 (and 10% off) halfcost.co.uk/web…576

KINGSLEY BATH MAT PINK £1.99 halfcost.co.uk/web…953

SALTER ORB SCALES PINK £2.99 halfcost.co.uk/web…263

CUPCAKE BAG SAVER 79p halfcost.co.uk/web…501

NAIL SPARKLE STONES WITH GLUE 49p halfcost.co.uk/web…702

STAR WARS MUG - PRINCESS LEIA £1.49 halfcost.co.uk/web…132

4 HANDMADE PINK TAGS 19p halfcost.co.uk/web…928

CALLIGRAPHY WRAP 3 x 2m 79p halfcost.co.uk/web…295
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some items are back in stock. kz10 code works thanks . only a quantity of one of each towels left in stock. Carmen scales qty 17 and hand blender only 1.

The price for the Monster High PJs seems to have changed to £1.99, thought maybe I'd put the wrong price down last night! Bah! The 10% off promo is still active. halfcost.co.uk/web…d=0

Actually these are 39p today too NAIL SPARKLE STONES WITH GLUE halfcost.co.uk/web…702

STAR WARS MUG - PRINCESS LEIA halfcost.co.uk/web…132 This is now £1.

Ruins my day when I find things I've already bought are cheaper, haha!
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