2 Stroke Generator TG950 650W £44.00

2 Stroke Generator TG950 650W £44.00

Found 14th Jan 2008
This generator will power any house appliance which uses a standard 3 pin plug and requires no more than 650W AC of power. Such items can include:

* Mini fridges
* Portable TV's
* Hair dryer's
* Fan's
* Light's

Was: £69.99
Saving: £25.99
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Woolies had these last year, were out of stock when i went though and they never got them back in. Think this is cheaper than woolies were. Would have been better if 4 stroke as it means keeping a supply of 2 stroke oil, probably not a concern if its just for emergencies. U might be able to use old vegtable oil, instead of 2 stroke. I had a motocross 250 cc years ago and ran it on veg oil. Worked with no problems.
You'd be lucky to find a 4 stroke engine under about £200!

FWIW, this is definitely a bargain in the current climate.

I bought a Generator about 2 years ago from Screwfix on a deal for a little more. TBF, it is 800w. I used mine on my boat (well, not actually on it, but when I was parked up for the night!)

In addition to the above, I recommend also:

* charging car and leisure batteries
* charging and using a laptop
* Charging mobile phones
* Using an RCD somewhere along the line (yes, it has a cut-out but typically it takes ages for the thing to actually cut out - the cut-out strangles the engine rather than cutting the power)
* Using a surge protector!

What I would not recommend is:

* Running any item that requires really good power (like a PC without a battery)
* Running a hairdryer (sorry Ebuyer, but it won't run 90% of hairdryers - a travel one maybe)
* Running any heating equipment - these are typically in excess of 1kw.

Ooh, one more word of warning......

These are NOISY!!! Don't try using one in a campsite after about 10pm because you are not gonna be very popular!

The manufacturers quote this as being 64dB @ 7m. Trust me, that isn't quiet! dB and dBa are very different things!

If you want something quiet, try a 4 Stroke one. Just to show you what the difference is, ]here's one that is 66dbA and yes, it really does cost £440!

Heat and Rep added
4 stroke = ebuyer.com/pro…781 £123.59

Clarke ones are currently reduced on machinemart too, but your £240 min for one of them.
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