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2 Vegan Festive Bakes For £2 Via App instore (Selected Accounts) @ Greggs

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Hey Guys;

Just had a notification pop up and thought I’d share it. Right now Greggs are doing 2 Festive Bakes (Vegan version) for £2, not bad for lunch.

Edited the photo to take out my local Greggs.

Seeing some people stating they've managed to get it without the app, just go into the shop and buy 2 for £2. Haven't tried this myself and so can't verify though but I trust people. =)

Greggs More details at Greggs
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    Just to note its 2 for £2 on Vegan Festives instore for everyone. Greggs App not needed as will automatically go through till at £2 for the two
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    Disgusting 🤮
    THE basic composition of a sausage roll is sheets of puff pastry formed into tubes around the sausage meat and glazed with egg or milk being baked.Sausage rolls usually do not include prime cuts of meat.They could include cheek, gristle, sinew, tongue and, of course, fat.
    They are often filled out using breadcrumbs, seasoning and flavours, such as spices.
    According to guidelines set by Defra in 2014, meat products cannot contain brains, feet, intestine (except as sausage skin), lungs, oesophagus, rectum, spinal cord, spleen, stomach, testicles and udder when they are sold uncooked.
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    From the picture it doesn't look appetising, seems half baked! What are the ingredients?
    But here are the ingredients (screenshot of their website).

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    You can buy in store as well, I was offered this morning!
    Do you have to show the app to buy in store?
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    Seems different from last year. More of a mush now. So annoying that they take the v sausage, been and cheeze bake off instead of having a choice.
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    I'm vegan and I really wanted to like these as I love Greggs stuff, but really dislike them!
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    Two vegan bakes to fill up on and a meat one for energy. Bosh
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    It looks anaemic!
    No egg wash to give it a golden colour, hence how it’s vegan. Most stuff which is a nice golden colour is typically covered in an egg wash.
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    It's really nice it tastes mushroomy
    Ooh I love mushrooms
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    Cannot get a pasty in any Greggs anymore. Used to be my favourite
    The vegetable pasty was very good, don't know why they discontinued it.
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    In store for last week as well, obviously not selling well
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    Thanks ! Downloaded the app and had an offer for free festival bake and and hot drink! So wouldn't have know if not for this deal
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    Hmm yes does look like dog sick but it tastes surprisingly nice. Have bought twice now. I just close my eyes!
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    Shared thanks!
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    Vegan 🥱