Posted 3 March 2023

2 Vue Cinema tickets for £7 via Vodafone VeryMe

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About this deal

Grab two tickets for £7 from our friends at Vue and enjoy the latest films for less. There’s lots to see – including Creed 3, Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania and Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

To get hold of this fantastic deal, follow these simple steps:
1. Use your VeryMe Rewards code to buy your Vue e-codes online.
2. You’ll then be emailed 2 Vue e-codes to exchange for each ticket – simply use them when booking a screening online, or at a participating Vue location.

Then sit back and enjoy your film!

What you need to know
  • 2x general admission standard 2D adult e-codes for £7 with Vue
  • VeryMe Rewards code is valid for one hour after claiming offer
  • VeryMe Rewards code will be used to purchase 2x Vue e-codes for £7
  • You will be emailed 2x Vue e-codes
  • e-codes can be exchanged for standard 2D tickets online or at a participating Vue location which are valid for 30 days

Offer Dates:
1 May 2023 at 00:01 to 11 June 2023 at 23:59, or one hour after the promo code has been claimed in-app, whichever is sooner.

Offer Detail:
The offer is for two general admission 2D adult tickets for £7 from Vue.

Only valid when booking using the link provided in VeryMe Rewards.

One promo code will be required per VeryMe Rewards user to get access to the Vue portal.

Upon successful verification of the promo code, you’ll then be able to purchase two Vue specific 2D general admission e-codes for £7 (incl VAT).

Once you’ve completed the purchase, you’ll then be emailed two Vue e-codes which must be exchanged for general admission tickets either online or at the Box Office with Vue.

The e-codes can’t be used to make bookings over the phone.

Your Vue e-codes are valid for 30 days from issuance and are not subject to time extensions.
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  1. BAWSE10's avatar
    Good price but has been on Vodafone for over a year
    SebK's avatar
    Offer Dates: 27 February 2023 at 00:01 to 5 March 2023 2023 at 23:59
  2. isabela's avatar
    Hi anyone have a spare e code with the link provided in VeryMe Rewards. To book 2 for 7£ ticket at vue cinema
    HUKDealSeeker's avatar
    I don’t have a code but I remember, from when I was a vodafone customer and used this regularly, you have to purchase the Vue voucher using the VeryMe code at promo.vuepass.co.uk/?c=VDF - you have to use the VeryMe code within 60 mins of code being generated but the Vue vouchers are valid for 30 days from purchase.
    e.g. if VeryMe code is generated today at 8:59, it can be used in vuepass website until 9:59 and the Vue vouchers will be valid till 02/04/2023.
    You get 2 vouchers so if you are solo flyer, you can watch 2 different films - they don’t have to be used together.
  3. HmrcSmith's avatar
    Are these just tickets for the neck breaker value seats about 3 feet away from the screen or are they valid for all (except VIP) seats.
    Since vue went all ryanair and charged incremental prices the higher up the seating levels you go, they are no longer the market leader for value, ie ALL seats (bar VIP) were £4.99
    isabela's avatar
    I dont know either tried the code which was given thanks to one member but it was 15 number & it didnt start with vsvd tried with supersaver seat saver seat regular seat & even vip seat nothing worked i think maybe I dont have the link of the vue website through the Vodafone reward
  4. iKris's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare code please
    achtukd's avatar
    I will DM you a code
  5. KG90's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code please?
    AamirQuazi's avatar
    Message me i can generate one - it only last 1hour
  6. Chrisdf's avatar

    I'm after a couple of VeryMe Codes for vue please if anyone is able to help

    can provide this week three+ code for this week and/or any other Three+/O2 Priority codes as applicable
    achtukd's avatar
    I will DM you a couple of codes. I don't need anything in return
  7. 9etrader's avatar
    anyone got spare code pls
    achtukd's avatar
    I will send you a code
  8. bonzabanza's avatar
    Tasya_Bigail's avatar
    Hi, sorry I’m new here, can I know how to use the code? Do I need the veryme apps? Thank you
  9. Samya's avatar
    Hi, does anyone have a spare code they can send me? Would be highly appreciated!
    achtukd's avatar
    I have sent you a DM with the code.
  10. Superflyguy_uk's avatar
    What's worth a watch?
    Impoor's avatar
    Cocaine bear?
  11. boro4ever's avatar
    Enjoy VDFhTkJmZYbcHvt
    mkakar27's avatar
    Hi, do you have a spare code that I can use please
  12. Lovegooddeals's avatar
    Hi I have spare codes, dm if anyone wants.
    TTT6's avatar
    Hi can you message me
  13. j1029's avatar
    I have a spare code if anyone still needs one, I'm happy to trade for Just Eat/Deliveroo/Costa/Greggs or Student Beans
    DanielHand's avatar
    What’s the code?
  14. Xenu's avatar
    Thanks. Got it (edited)
  15. isabela's avatar
    Hi anyone have 2 e codes they are not using it please
    UZZI54's avatar
    inbox me, i will give you.I dont watch
  16. nadz2's avatar
    Has anyone have spare code please.🙏🏾
    GregGlowacki's avatar
  17. Bargain04's avatar
    Anyone else got a spare code? Thanks
  18. Sagor's avatar
    Joebainbridge's avatar

    Last for 1 hour. (edited)
  19. Semisky's avatar
    If anyone has spares 2 codes pls email me..it would be much appreciated..thank you
  20. AamirQuazi's avatar
    Never even noticed i had this…. I wont use mine if anyone wants me to generate one for them?
    kickyourass's avatar
    Yes please if you could inbox it to me that would be greatly appreciated!
  21. aliy1's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code, will appreciate if you can PM please. Thanks
  22. Loubloula's avatar
    If anyone has a spare I’d appreciate it, costs a fortune to take a family of 5 these days x (edited)
    Yazza123's avatar
    I sent you a code.
    You have 54 minutes
  23. Boxrick's avatar
    Removed - code used (edited)
    Loubloula's avatar
    Says not found so must be used x
  24. mhasan's avatar
    If anyone want a code message me
    Dealhunter501's avatar
    Would love a code! Please
  25. fern37's avatar
    I have a code - inbox me.
    Loubloula's avatar
    Yes please xx
  26. achilles2020's avatar
    Is this for mobile customers only or can Vodafone broadband users also take benefit?
  27. Forreslad's avatar
    Been using this for quite a while. Couple times I had to phone them to book as there was Technical Glitch
  28. jacobkhoslanew's avatar
    I've been on Vodafone for almost 3 years and had this offer.

    Thanks for bringing it to other peoples attention. I stay with Vodafone for this reason.
  29. b1gban9's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code? Please DM me thanksssss
  30. aks4ever's avatar
    Vodafone is very good with perks
  31. Nirav.Vakharia's avatar
    Can someone provide a code if not using
  32. Ridgehead's avatar
    I have a Vue free cinema egift card, or two, up for swaps for Costa codes if anyone interested. The 1st egift card runs out on the 11th March.

    Also have the 2 for £7 code available if anyone wants it. (edited)
  33. XGE's avatar
    Spare code anyone please
  34. Adam_h7V's avatar
    Why is this a deal? It's there all the time.
  35. fireee's avatar
    DM if anyone would like one.

    Gone now (edited)
    clara.pennycook's avatar
    Yes please ❤️ although can't seem to message you 🤷🏼
  36. Lili_guo's avatar
    Could anyone DM me a spare code,please?thank you very much!
  37. DavidAames's avatar
    I’ve got a spare code, happy to trade for a Hussle pass from O2 Priority

    PM if interested  (edited)
  38. Super7's avatar
    Creed 3 and Demon Slayer
  39. MisterMarston's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare code for tonight? Happy to give you a couple of quid as a thanks
    tnbl's avatar
    Got one to share. Don’t want money but would love to trade for Nero/coffee voucher
  40. auali's avatar
    Anyone got any codes to use please?
    Much appreciated
    Friends_Forever1992's avatar
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