2 Weeks All Inclusive in Mexico February 2016 £762.79pp (based on 4 people) @ Holiday Inn/Thomas Cook @ Condor

2 Weeks All Inclusive in Mexico February 2016 £762.79pp (based on 4 people) @ Holiday Inn/Thomas Cook @ Condor

Found 15th Jun 2015
I was searching for a holiday for a group of female friends wanting to go away together and I think this is a great deal for anyone wanting Mexico on a budget for 2 weeks.

The dates are 14th-28th January 2016, departing from London and it is based on 4 sharing, which can be 4 adults or a mixture of adults and children on an all inclusive basis (however if you have two children it may be worth looking elsewhere as there may be other cheaper rates, but for 4 adults this is much cheaper than any other resort). The bed configuration is two double beds, in the same room.

You book these flights with Condor. They are with Thomas Cook (screen shot below) but make sure you book with Condor, they are more expensive with Thomas Cook. Flight prices include luggage and a meal. The total price for flights is €1,639.92/£1186.07 (£296.51pp)

This may sound a bit complicated but it is not. The hotel is the Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas, with it's own private beach. The price is based on 4 people sharing a room (two double beds). In order to get the cheap price if you google search 'Holiday Inn Friends and Family Rate' you should get a link similar to this:


You search for your dates and the hotel above and you will get a much cheaper rate. This was blogged some time ago on MSE and I have been using it for years, you take the voucher but they never, ever ask for it and full payment is taken at the time of booking. The total cost of the hotel is $2867.90/£1838.34 (£459.59pp). Has good reviews on Tripadvisor as a budget option.

£26.75/£6.69pp with Resort Hoppa using code JUNE20.

Total Price per person (hotel, transfers, flights) - £762.79pp

I've seen plenty of 7 night packages around £600-£700, but typically 14 nights are more like £900 per person.
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Anybody thinking of taking their kids on a Thomas Cook holiday is mental.
Flights are with Thomas Cook, as in the airline, but the hotel is direct with Holiday Inn, not Thomas Cook. Please lets avoid the Thomas Cook debate, I know many people have strong feelings about the company, but last time I posted a deal with the mention of TC I had to get a mod to remove it as it started into a big slanging match. People can decide for themselves which airline, travel company or hotel group they wish to use, this is just a deal that may help people out.
TC make me cringe and absolutely livid...just the other day I thought that perhaps their recent arrogance couldn't surely be reflective of all their staff... as I sat there discussing options I looked up the hotel being considered to find current and recent holidaymakers to the hotel saying how part of it is a building site noisy with lots of photo graphic evidence within the review..all TC holiday makers..none of which were forwarded...the rep there appeared to have disappeared and was in denial...!

I mentioned this concern to the sales rep who is also a manager and his reply..well if there was a problem the computer would say so, and if that's how you feel about it then Don't consider it..,no mention of let me check with head office..but had I not checked trip advisor I could have been lumbered with a building site for 2 weeks...be forwarned and therefore forearmed..this chaps inactions and his attitude was scandalous!!!

I Will never consider a Thomas Crook holiday again....
...Thomson much better
This isn't a Thomas Cook holiday, the flight is only with Thomas Cook....:|
In the UK we really only have one holiday operator, Thomson, Thomas Cook, First Direct, The Co-op etc etc are ALL part of the same holiday group, there's now no really competition within the UK market and we are seeing that in the arrogance and apathy displayed when you go into any of their stores to look/book or just enquire, they KNOW theres basically no-where to go and they KNOW the smaller operators can't compete.. its sad but that's the reality now in the UK....
Thomas Cook is not part of TUI. There are 2 main tour operators left. Other thing to note is that ALL beaches in Mexico are public. The govt own them all and hotels can only prevent non guests from using the facilities but not the beach itself
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